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Location-Based Video: Not Just "Nice to Have"

05 November 2013 ❯

With more and more consumers on the go, and their phones often stashed in pockets or purses, it is time we started giving large-format, location-based ads the attention and investment they deserve.

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Verve Mobile Partners with Vistar Media To Create the First-Ever Multi-Screen Location Marketing Platform

31 October 2013 ❯

Verve Mobile, the leader in location-based mobile advertising, today formed a strategic partnership with location-based advertising technology provider Vistar Media. This partnership, which was originally reported in MediaPost, will connect Verve’s extensive collection of location-based data with Vistar’s 100,000+ digital screens nationwide, allowing for both better targeting and the creation of the industry’s first multi-screen location-based marketing platform.

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Vistar And Verve Link DOOH, Mobile Screens, Create Location-Based Programmatic Platform

31 October 2013 ❯

Verve Mobile, a location-based mobile ad network, and Vistar Media, a programmatic location-based video platform, on Thursday announced a partnership that will link digital-out-of-home and mobile inventory to create a multiscreen real-time trading platform for location-based marketers.

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Case Study - Is the Minority Report Scenario Inevitable?

23 October 2013 ❯

Jenna Gino and Jeremy Ozen present during the 2013 iMedia Breakthrough Summit. (video)

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The difference between digital and interactive

17 October 2013 ❯

With mouse clicks and keystrokes considered not only interactions but also campaign success metrics, digital media has been considered interactive by definition. As a result, all digital advertising – on computers, mobile devices, connected televisions, and video games – has been grouped into a single category.

But with the proliferation of internet-connected screens on which highly targeted and measurable advertising can be served, it’s time to redefine digital marketing.

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The OAAA's Advertising Week Launch: Simply SnapChat for the Big Screen

01 October 2013 ❯

While a nice platform for digital signage, the OAAA campaign was really no different from one big-screened Snapchat. All it really did is let people see themselves, fleetingly, on a billboard. While digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has often been purchased for vanity reasons in the past, what was disappointing is this campaign reinforced such antiquated behavior.

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How to track mobile ad effectiveness - all the way to offline purchase

29 September 2013 ❯

In the digital advertising world, we’ve become obsessed with click-throughs. How many people see an ad and then click through with an action — whether it is a subscription, sale, or download?

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There's a hole in your video plan

27 August 2013 ❯

Supporters of TV advertising tout the four hours of TV consumption on a daily basis. Average numbers are misleading, but let’s leave that for another day. Here’s the real question: how many hours per day do we spend in cabs, airports, gyms, malls, doctor offices, gas stations, nail salons, bars and office buildings? Day after day, these are the places we live our lives.

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The Ad Industry Must Stand Up for the Collection of Mobile Data

14 August 2013 ❯

In the Debate Over Surveillance, We Must Advocate Access for Targeting Purposes

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Why Facebook video ads are destined to fail for consumers

05 August 2013 ❯

While advertisers will likely invest in this ad unit, Facebook video will fail for exactly the reason that taxi, elevator, and other location-based video succeeds: Consumers are engaged when they are entertained and being provided value, not when they are intruded upon purely for Facebook’s bottom line.

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Why Did CBS Depart Out of Home Just as It Started Getting Interesting?

13 June 2013 ❯

Out of Home media has to be the most misunderstood segment of the advertising ecosystem. With little by way of metrics and effectiveness measurement, traditional out of home has historically been last on the media plan. However, thanks to the digitization of inventory and smart phone revolution, out of home is actually one “traditional” media segment that is becoming more attractive as it moves away from print.

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What Does Programmatic Ad Buying Mean In A Cross-Media World?

02 May 2013 ❯

At the MediaPost OutFront last week, when media buyer panelists were asked what one thing they would change in the media market if given the power to fix it, they came back en masse with one answer: They wanted to buy all media programmatically (and transparently).

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The Wall Street Journal: Old Media, New Tricks

28 April 2013 ❯

Now, advertisers can accomplish the same task with a few clicks of a computer mouse, thanks to a new auction system for buying digital out-of-home ads.

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Xaxis announces Deal with Vistar

26 March 2013 ❯

Xaxis, of course, has been pushing the envelope of programmatic trading into other media, and recently, announced deals with Vistar to begin using its platform to buy out-of-home media.

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Vistar Media Raises $1.5 Million

05 March 2013 ❯

To go after this market, Vistar has raised $1.5 million in seed funding led by Valhalla Partners, with participation from Mercury Fund and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

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Vistar Media powers Kinetic, the world's largest buyer of out-of-home media

21 January 2013 ❯

WPP’s Kinetic unit, the world’s largest buyer of out-of-home media, has begun serving ads to digital, place-based media outlets via a real-time exchange developed by sister shop Spafax Networks. The aptly named “SN: Xchange” also provides real-time reporting of a campaign’s audience delivery and verification.

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Wall Street Journal Office Net Embraces RTB, Part Of Out-Of-Home Industry Shift

16 October 2012 ❯

Digital out-of-home media are taking a page out of digital online media’s playbook, including the development of a so-called “real-time bidding” or programmatic marketplace utilizing online exchanges and ad networks that tie directly into ad agency “trading desks.” But unlike some premium online publishers who like to keep programmatic trading at an arm’s length for fear it might commoditize the value of their inventory, some of out-of-home’s most premium players are embracing it. The latest example is the Wall Street Journal Office Network, which today unveils its “2.0” version, which will enable advertisers and agencies to buy real-time avails via programmatic buying exchange Vistar Media.

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Hyperlocal Online Ads Are About to Get a Lot Bigger — Billboard-Sized

05 October 2012 ❯

Vistar Media has begun laying the pipes to enable real-time bidding on this so called “fourth screen.” The founders at Vistar are no strangers to real-time bidding two of them having founded Invite Media, one of the first demand-side platforms that was eventually sold to Google. They hope to use their learning from the online display space and apply it to out-of-home advertising.

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Time To Include (Digital) Out-Of-Home In Our Definition of Programmatic Media

20 September 2012 ❯

“Data Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Jeremy Ozen, cofounder of Vistar Media.

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Vistar Media, With Invite Media Founders, Target OOH Market With Exchange

27 August 2012 ❯

Jeremy Ozen and Michael Provenzano are co-founders of Vistar Media. Along with former chief architect of Invite Media, Mark Chadwick, Ozen and Provenzano are the in the early stages of trying to crack the out-of-home (OOH) market with an exchange of sorts, and link it to the digital demand-side, which currently buys across PC-based display, mobile and video channels. The challenge: penetrate a traditional out-of-home market that has been caught in the Stone Age. Provenzano and Ozen discussed their company with AdExchanger…

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We Are Live!

02 July 2012 ❯

On July 2, 2012 the first ad server built for the digital out-of-home industry launched. Do you know where your ads are being served? :)

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