Technology that powers
out-of-home sales

Vistar’s platform helps media owners monetize unsold inventory, optimize sales and operational processes for direct business, and enhance static and digital sales with audience data.


Garner incremental revenue from digital buyers

We provide a solution for digital signage networks to monetize unsold inventory in one easy-to-use platform for transacting, managing, and reporting on ad unit sales at the network and venue level.

Media sellers maintain full control over inventory pricing, creative approval, and brand/category whitelists, while gaining access to new revenue streams from digital advertisers buying through Vistar Media.


Optimize operational efficiency for DOOH

With a devoted ad operations team and the industry’s first ad server for digital out-of-home, Vistar enables media sellers to spend time on what really matters – sales.

Our platform streamlines the sales process in one centralized interface where media owners can view all available local inventory, manage orders, automate yield optimization, and access real-time proof-of-posting reporting.


Enrich your value proposition with audience data

Our massive geotemporal data sets and proprietary geospatial technology allow media owners to gain a deeper understanding of the audiences in view of inventory over time.

Using these insights, media sellers can help their clients identify inventory best situated to reach high-value consumers and niche audiences.