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In place-based media, content delivery varies significantly depending on the network. Some media owners use third-party software providers to power their networks while others have invested in building their own software solution. Due to this fragmentation, there is not a standard mechanism for communicating to place-based networks’ screens.

Recognizing that standards are vital for digital mediums to prosper, we have worked with the top media owners and software providers to define an API for ad serving in digital place-based media. We have implemented deep integrations with the majority of premium place-based media inventory based on this proprietary API.

Learn more about what inventory we have access to.

Below are the digital signage software and solution providers who are integrated with our ad serving platform. If you are interesting in becoming a software provider that supports Vistar Media please contact us.

How it works


  1. Ad Request The CMS, scheduler, or player makes a request to the Partner API.
  2. Ad Response The Partner API will respond with ads.
  3. Media Push If the Ad Request was made by a CMS or scheduler on behalf of the player, it may push the required metadata and assets to the screen at any point before the impression time.
  4. Proof of Play Once a screen shows an advertisement, it will send a response to the Partner API recording the view.