DOOH Drives a Healthy +10% Sales Lift for an OTC Immune Booster


A well known over-the-counter immune booster wanted to drive consideration, purchase intent and sales of their product across multiple markets. The brand worked with Vistar Media to launch a digital out-of-home media campaign around “germ hub” locations.

In a first-to-market solution, Vistar and Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom provided a closed-loop sales lift study to measure the effects of the campaign.

Over the course of the campaign, the immune booster brand experienced a 13% lift in consideration and a 13% lift in purchase intent, highlighting the importance of reaching consumers at multiple touchpoints. Additionally, the sales lift study showed a 10.3% lift in sales 7.4% lift in household penetration, indicating that the campaign successfully reached new and competitive consumers and was effective at driving adoption of the product.

When it came to execution, by leveraging Vistar’s partnership with Shopcom, we were able to create a consumer audience based on actual shopping data, including past purchasers of competitive brands. Next, Vistar used location data and proprietary geospatial technology to analyze how these consumers move throughout the real world. Vistar then activated DOOH media to reach the target audience in the places they were most likely to be throughout the course of their day, amplifying the overall impact of the campaign’s messaging.

Campaign results demonstrated that consumers exposed to the brand through DOOH media had a higher propensity to consider the brand when selecting an immune booster and were more likely to purchase the product when they were in-market.