The digital dollars are here. How many are you capturing?

The out of home industry is experiencing a surge in demand from buyers in digital advertising, but many media owners today are hindered by legacy CMS platforms not built to handle digital demand.

Cortex is designed with digital buyers in mind. We’ve taken care of all the infrastructure details for programmatic out-of-home, so you can focus on creating innovative experiences, not operational logistics. Our ad serving platform works exactly the same as an online ad server, making it easy to connect your inventory with digital buyers. And all servers are cloud hosted and managed by us, so all you need are the screens and an internet connection.

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Don't limit your inventory to a playlist. 

With Cortex, your inventory can be bought programmatically and is not restricted to a spot-loop structure. An out-of-the-box integration with the Vistar exchange instantly connects you to demand from the world’s leading brands and agencies, opening an immediate revenue stream an allowing you to fully monetize your inventory.


Create custom experiences without limit. 

We use web standards built on Chromium so you can create custom experiences for your screens – anything you can do on a website, you can do on Cortex. Build your own apps using standard web technology, or choose from our free app store for experiences ranging from transit updates to office messaging to weather.


Don't let your CMS dictate your hardware decisions. 

Hardware decisions should be based on cost and functionality, not legacy CMS requirements that can be costly and cumbersome. The Cortex platform is hardware agnostic, and built to run on both powerful systems and low-powered ARM-based hardware. Whatever your hardware choice, we can work with you.


Manage infrastructure from your office, not the street.

On-site diagnostics and servicing of devices is hugely expensive and time consuming. Cortex provides a web-based interface that lets you control all aspects of device management from your browser. Register, configure, monitor and upgrade players remotely, seamlessly rolling out changes across your network simultaneously.