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Vistar Media Continues Strong Momentum in Canadian Market, with 67% Growth YTD

Vistar Media, the leading programmatic technology provider for digital out-of-home, is helping accelerate that growth in the Canadian market. Rapid adoption by Canadian buyers and media owners fueled more than 30 programmatic campaigns across 19 brands in 2018; 2019 has seen a significant increase in adoption, with more than 50 programmatic campaigns across 25 brands to date.

Digital Outdoor Advertising (DOA) Partners with Vistar Media to Bring Programmatic Revenue to Independent Billboard Operators

Digital Outdoor Advertising today announced a partnership with Vistar Media, to bring programmatic revenue to independent billboard operators. The partnership will enable independent operators to sell their inventory to the world’s largest digital buying groups through the Vistar SSP.

Vistar Media Partners with Leading Data Providers for Comprehensive Measurement Suite for Digital Out-of-Home

Vistar Media, the global leader in programmatic technology for digital out-of-home, today announced the launch of 3rd-party measurement suite, featuring offerings from the industry’s premiere foot traffic measurement specialists. The partnerships, which will provide foot traffic studies on the impact of digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns, include NinthDecimal, MFour, Factual, Cuebiq and PlaceIQ.

Netmining Partners with Vistar Media to Extend Unique Audience Targeting to Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Netmining, the leading provider of data-driven targeting solutions, today announced a new partnership with Vistar Media to provide clients with digital out-of-home inventory buying capabilities. Through this partnership, Netmining will offer access to the largest source of digital out-of-home (DOOH) media inventory for agencies, brands and media planners to engage customers in an omnichannel fashion.

Combined with Vistar Media’s proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP), Netmining will bring its Netmining Audiences™ to the DOOH environment. This enables Netmining to optimize current campaigns against better performing inventory, allowing advertisers a true omnichannel approach, while also strongly complementing existing campaigns. By utilizing Vistar Media’s DSP, Netmining has created a strategic method of buying DOOH inventory against unique audience segments.

Vistar Media is the leading provider of programmatic technology for the DOOH industry. By extending Netmining’s unique audiences into DOOH, marketers can apply consistent strategies across media channels for a unified approach to market and a deeper understanding of performance.

“Vistar Media’s ability to analyze customer movement patterns will be a great complement to the Netmining platform,” said Dean Vegliante, President of Netmining. “Our clients have expressed a need for an omnichannel solution, across desktop, mobile and OOH, to increase value and engage customers where we know they are consuming media. For our clients, this partnership creates this one-stop solution while providing additional analytics into how customers are engaging with DOOH campaigns.”

“Netmining is known for their audience data capabilities, and this partnership brings DOOH into the omnichannel mix as marketers apply targeting strategies across all media," said Chris Allison, Programmatic Partnerships at Vistar Media. “We’re thrilled to see more forward-thinking, data-driven companies such as Netmining embrace DOOH and deliver true omnichannel capabilities to their customers.”

As DOOH inventory continues to be purchased programmatically, Netmining is at the forefront of this new environment, by delivering ads outside of traditional channels. By partnering with Vistar Media, Netmining is now equipped with the ability to create holistic omnichannel strategies for their clients to engage with consumers outside of traditional paid media.

About Netmining
Netmining provides intelligent audience targeting, powered by data and shaped by the best analytical minds in the business. We believe your marketing should be driven by human insights using data as a tool, not the other way around. This approach creates a deeper understanding of your brand. With the challenge of fragmented consumer media habits, Netmining’s cross-device targeting and attribution allows marketers to find their high-value consumers wherever they are across all screens of engagement. The result is your most important audience, delivered.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @netmining. Netmining is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

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Leadership from Adomni, Bell Media and Vistar Media Voted onto DPAA Board of Directors

Leadership from Adomni, Bell Media and Vistar Media Voted onto DPAA Board of Directors

DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out-of-home, announced today that three executives have been voted onto the organization's board of directors. Joining the board are Debbie Drutz, VP Sales, Astral, a division of Bell Media Inc.; Jonathan Gudai, CEO, Adomni; and Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder, Vistar Media.

Vistar Media Partners with the AdCouncil, R/GA and to Support "Love Has No Labels" Campaign

The Ad Council and R/GA have announced their collaborative project to create and promote the short film, Rising, as a part of their “Love Has No Labels” campaign. To get the message out about this powerful film, has donated their digital out-of-home inventory and Vistar Media has offered our programmatic technology and services to run the campaign.

Astral and Vistar Media Join Forces in Canada

Bell Media’s out-of-home advertising division, Astral, announced today it is joining forces with Vistar Media, a U.S.-based leader in programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH). With this agreement, 240 of Astral’s digital large format and street furniture faces across Canada will be accessible through Vistar’s programmatic platform, allowing advertisers to plan across all DOOH transactions, including open exchange, and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

Vistar Media to Provide Full Digital Out-of-Home Software Support for Topgolf

Vistar Media announced it will power global sports entertainment leader Topgolf’s network of digital displays with full ad serving and digital signage management software. Integrating Vistar’s full ad stack improves the stability and performance of the Topgolf® network and ensures a seamless content and ad delivery experience for advertisers and fans.

Outdoor Retailer Taps Digital Out-of-Home Solution from Vistar Media and LiveRamp for Q4 Campaign Success

In a recent initiative, one of the nation’s largest outdoor retailers - leveraged 1st-party data to reach loyal customers and new prospects through digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile media, driving a 14% increase in brand awareness. The retailer leveraged a first-to-market solution from Vistar Media and LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, that enables brands to reach the same audiences they target online in the offline world, through DOOH media. The results were shared in front of thousands of marketers at the RampUp conference in San Francisco on March 5th.

The Q4 2017 initiative highlighted the brand’s decision to close all retail locations on Black Friday, pay their 12,000+ employees to spend time outside and encourage the rest of the country to join them in the outdoors. The goal was to drive awareness current customers and expand that awareness to new audiences.

The retailer used LiveRamp’s identity resolution service to connect their first-party customer audience segment to geospatial data from Vistar. Vistar then leveraged location data and proprietary geospatial technology to analyze how these groups of customers move throughout the physical world. Using these movement patterns, Vistar activated cross-screen mobile and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media to reach brand loyalists as well as new customers at places they were most likely to be throughout the day.

The impact of the campaign is clear - brand awareness rose 14%, along with a 9% lift in consideration and a 7% lift in purchase intent. Furthermore, retail locations saw a 3.6x lift in store visitation.

“This is a great example of identity resolution technology enabling marketers to finally deliver on an age-old adage,” said Jeff Smith, CMO and GM of Brands, LiveRamp. “In this campaign, the retailer’s first-party data provided the context to deliver the right message, and Vistar’s DOOH capabilities then helped deliver that message in the right place at the right time.”  

Vistar Media is a partner for global programmatic DOOH execution by Publicis Media, parent company to the retailer’s media agency Spark Foundry.

“The ability to reach the right consumers at impactful moments throughout their day, regardless of channel, is the true promise of omnichannel marketing,” said Brandy O'Briant, SVP, Strategy Director at Spark Foundry. “Given the challenges facing the bricks and mortar channels in retail, a solution that allows us to target consumers, drive them to the store, and attribute their foot traffic back to a certain medium is invaluable.”

Vistar Media Leverages Partnerships To Assess Automotive OOH Attribution

Geospatial technology firm Vistar Media on Thursday launched a solution to help automotive marketers more accurately measure attribution from out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Vistar’s solution leverages data from IHS Markit and web-intent information from thousands of other third-party websites relating to the automotive industry. IHS Markit aggregates data from 130 million households to inform a predictor database focused on developing insights on the automotive industry.

“Now, through our partnership with IHS, we are combining audience segments with our data on movement patterns in the physical world, which allows our geospatial technology to target campaigns in out-of-home and measure real-world attribution,” Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder of Vistar Media told Digital News Daily via email. “By using Vistar's technology to connect offline transactional data, online behavioral data, and physical world movement data, marketers can not only understand who is in-market but also understand where to best reach and engage with them.”

Early beta clients in 2016 included Toyota, which partnered with Vistar to to run a national promotional campaign for its August Sales Event to market the RAV4, Corolla, Tundra, Camry, Prius, Avalon and Sienna. Companies like Toyota combine Vistar data with their own purchase information to develop a deeper understanding of ROI on OOH spending.

Toyota also used Vistar’s expertise to help craft specific messaging targeted to particular demographics. According to Vistar, lift in the “in-market + demographic” audience was higher than that of the overall campaign.

Vistar has existing data partnerships with SAP, Acxiom, IBM and others.

Effectively measuring the success of OOH advertising has always been out of reach for marketers, connecting purchases to where consumers have been during the day proving extremely difficult.

Now with strong geo-location technology and digital attribution abilities, marketers are finding new ways of connecting on- and off-line data, helping marketers take further control of their spend by better understanding their ROI.

Varick Partners with Vistar Media to Bring Out-of-Home into Omnichannel Programmatic Buying

Varick, an audience-centric digital marketing company, and Vistar Media, a geospatial technology company bridging the space between advertising ecosystems and consumer movement patterns, today announced a partnership to bring programmatic out-of-home (OOH) into Varick’s omnichannel buying solution. Through this partnership, Varick can now access the only DSP and only exchange built for the OOH industry.

Marketers are closer than ever to reaching and engaging with consumers across all channels, but while digital OOH has been transacted programmatically for years, it has largely remained siloed from the rest of the omnichannel suite. By adding OOH to its omnichannel arsenal, Varick is providing marketers with the ability to reach consumers in the real world through audience-targeted media.

“Our marketers care about reaching consumers at the right moment through the most impactful channel, whether that is in an online or offline landscape,” said Kait Boulos, VP of Client Strategy and Partnerships at Varick. “We’ve heard the growing demand for OOH from our marketers; by working with Vistar we can now reach valuable audiences as they move throughout the real-world.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with an innovator like Varick to help marketers realize the programmatic omnichannel vision by bringing OOH into the fold,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO of Vistar Media.

Vistar Media’s unique technology brings reporting and measurement to digital out-of-home media, allowing marketers for the first time to truly understand campaign ROI and gain valuable insights to inform future media planning. By partnering with Vistar Media, Varick can now leverage 1st- and 3rd-party segments to target consumers at critical points in their daily movement patterns, reaching marketers’ target audiences to influence buying behavior and drive brick-and-mortar visitation. Vistar Media provides the only online marketplace to access digital OOH inventory from all media owners with the highest efficiency.

About Varick

Varick is an audience centric digital marketing company that uses state of the art technology to provide agencies and brands with full funnel, cross-channel strategies to drive brand marketing objectives. Varick, a pioneer in the programmatic space since 2008 was originally founded on New York’s historic Varick Street. With nine offices across the US, Canada and the UK, Varick brings the fast paced spirit of the digital world to a global audience.

The Weather Company Extends Access to WEATHERfx Platform Off-Property; Empowering Marketers to Improve Personalized Marketing

Company Collaborating with The Trade Desk and Vistar Media to Better Target Programmatic Campaigns

The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE: IBM), announced today it is expanding off-property access to its proprietary automated ad targeting platform, WEATHERfx, and further extending the capability beyond The Weather Channel and Weather Underground web and mobile properties.

As part of this WEATHERfx expansion, Weather has collaborated with The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD), a global self-service technology platform for buyers of advertising, and Vistar Media, the industry’s first and only solution for programmatic out-of-home advertising. Through The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, marketers will be able to leverage WEATHERfx targeting across a variety of programmatic campaigns. Both programmatic and digital OOH advertising are promising growth markets, with programmatic ad spending expected to grow at double-digit rates for the next several years, and digital placements forecasted to account for more than half of OOH ad spending by 2018. (Source: eMarketer, eMarketer).

WEATHERfx is an automated targeting platform that helps power more informed marketing decisions by leveraging weather’s potential impact on emotion and delivering messaging designed to inform consumer action. Using weather-based triggers that identify conditions when weather is most likely to drive consumer behavior, the automated WEATHERfx platform eliminates media waste and activates a brand’s media to run when the optimal mix of conditions occur.

“As the digital advertising ecosystem continues to grow and transform, it’s more important than ever for marketers to manage their campaigns across all channels in a more holistic manner,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Sales, The Weather Company. “By expanding the availability of our WEATHERfx platform off-property with The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, marketers will be able to apply our proven and successful WEATHERfx targeting to a much larger portion of their overall media and marketing, and make their overall campaigns more targeted and relevant based on local weather conditions. This marks the continued evolution of The Weather Company’s innovative ad solutions as they grow and scale beyond our properties.”

“The Trade Desk’s collaboration with The Weather Company enables advertisers to achieve a more granular level of decisioning, resulting in even more dynamic and contextually relevant ads,” said David Danziger, VP of Enterprise Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “Our customers are able to use this additional layer of WEATHERfx data to better target consumers across their whole campaign, from mobile to connected TV, native to display and everything in between.”

“Collaborating with The Weather Channel to extend WEATHERfx data targeting to out-of-home was a natural fit,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder at Vistar Media. “Vistar’s platform is uniquely built to respond to data sets involving location and time – like weather conditions – to help marketers connect with on-the-go consumers at the right place and right time with relevant messaging.”

In addition to improving the relevancy of programmatic advertising campaigns via The Trade Desk and Vistar Media, WEATHERfx can also be used off-platform to help marketers better target messaging across social media, email marketing, and on marketers' owned and operated websites or mobile apps.

About The Weather Company

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, is the world's largest private weather enterprise, helping people make informed decisions – and take action – in the face of weather. The company offers the most accurate, personalized and actionable weather data and insights to millions of consumers and thousands of businesses via Weather’s API, its business solutions division, and its own digital products from The Weather Channel ( and Weather Underground ( The company delivers up to 26 billion forecasts daily for 2.2 billion locations. Weather’s portfolio includes award-winning products such as the fourth most-downloaded app and a top weather app on all major mobile platforms globally; the world’s largest network of personal weather stations; a top-20 U.S. website; the seventh most data-rich site in the world; one of the world’s largest IoT data platforms; and industry-leading business solutions. Weather Means Business™. The world’s biggest brands in aviation, energy, insurance, media, and government rely on The Weather Company for data, technology platforms and services to help improve decision-making and respond to weather’s impact on business. For more, visit

About The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize more expressive data-driven digital advertising campaigns across ad formats, including display, video, audio, native and social, on a multitude of devices, including computers, mobile devices, and connected TV. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Headquartered in Ventura, CA, The Trade Desk has offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Vistar Enhances Out-of-Home Targeting With Brands' Own Data

Vistar Media is teaming up with Acxiom's LiveRamp to let advertisers deliver digital out-of-home ads based on their own customer data.

Vistar gathers location data from mobile operators, aggregates that information, then supplies it to partners for targeting out-of-home ads like the ones seen on bus shelters. Until now, however, customers had to rely on targets that Vistar built.

Now the company will be able to layer in marketers' proprietary customer data to help inform where ads are delivered.

Advertisers will send their CRM data and other customer transaction data to Acxiom, which will organize that information by geography and strip it of personally-identifiable data.

Once customer data is paired up with Vistar's mobile location data through LiveRamp, out-of-home campaigns can be targeted to groups that could include actual customers or, more likely, to audiences based on look-alike data modeling.

This isn't one-to-one targeting à la "Minority Report": Ads won't be targeted to specific individuals as their mobile devices are recognized by a billboard or sign in a shopping mall. But the process will add a layer of geographic relevance to targeting and measuring out-of-home ads based on patterns showing places that the highest densities of certain customers and customer segments visit.

Large brands get more out of capitalizing on consumers' macro movement patterns this way, at less risk of invading their privacy, than by targeting consumers directly based on their individual data, said Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder of Vistar Media.

"It's almost better to look at mass amounts of this data in a more statistical way," he said.

The process will also help measure the effectiveness of out-of-home ad exposure, according to Vistar. "The idea was really logical and basic," Mr. Provenzano said. "Let's now take a medium that's more traditional … and provide some ROI in why you should be investing in out-of-home in the first place."

Originally published by Advertising Age

Vistar Media Joins Digital Place Based Advertising Association

Company Turns Geotemporal Data into Actionable Insights on Consumer Behavior

The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) announced today that Vistar Media, a leading technology provider for out-of-home media, has joined the association. Using geospatial technology, Vistar Media accumulates valuable, actionable insights to reach on-the-go consumers through mobile and out-of-home advertising.

"Vistar Media is doing sensational work in helping marketers tap into the great value that digital place-based networks offer in reaching on-the-go consumers," said Barry Frey, president & CEO, DPAA. "Vistar's technology enables them to tap into the combined power of mobile and DPB to develop highly effective campaigns for brands in today's video everywhere world."

"Barry and his team have made great progress over the last couple of years in advancing digital place-based media's role in the video ecosystem,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “We are excited to work with the DPAA on evolving the industry’s capabilities in data-driven planning, mobile media, measurement and programmatic transactions.”

About DPAA

Founded in 2006, the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) represents leading digital placed-based networks by promoting their integral role in the "video everywhere" ecosystem. The DPAA fosters collaboration between agencies and digital place-based networks; provides industry-wide research and best practices in areas such as mobile integration and programmatic; and promotes the effectiveness of digital place-based advertising. Digital place-based media is defined as networked digital video screens containing programming and advertising, reaching consumers on their daily journeys in places where they dwell.

Vistar Releases Free Media Planning Software for Out-of-Home Buyers

Free Media Planning Software Helps Buyers Map Static and Digital Inventory Across United States

Vistar Media has released a free, web-based media planning software designed to simplify the out-of-home planning process for buyers. According to the company, the software includes data on all static and digital inventory available in the United States across place-based, transit, and outdoor media.

“This software will be foundational to the future of location-based media,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “The majority of the industry knows Vistar for building the bridge between digital media buyers and out-of-home media owners. We are excited to continue adding value in the out-of-home ecosystem by giving existing buyers of out-of-home the most advanced mapping software in this industry at no cost.”

The software enables buyers to ask spatial questions nationwide and quickly visualize out-of-home media.

“Vistar’s planning software will allow the Out-of-Home industry to tap into the plethora of data that exists and overlay it with the geo-location data of OOH media to develop key insights during the planning process,” said Ryan Laul, President, Outdoor Media Group. “Never before, has the industry had access to a centralized source of data across the spectrum of OOH providing this type of utility at no cost.”

Beta clients of Vistar’s planning tool have reduced their planning times from days to minutes.

“As an agency supporting the out-of-home planning and buying of an entire holding company, we are busier than ever. With Vistar’s latest ground breaking software release, we are able to focus on strategy and true innovation instead of what was once a tedious planning process,” said Connie Garrido, Partner at EnPlay Media.

The efficiency and control gained by buyers will also result in more precise requests to sellers, easing the process on both ends.

“As an operator it’s paramount to be able to seamlessly plan and execute buying and selling with agencies quickly and with data efficiency. Vistar continues to innovate and build platforms that will help modernize and advocate a ubiquitous planning process the out of home industry needs,” said Erica Line, Corporate Manager of Digital Asset Content and Integrated Strategies at Adams + Fairway Outdoor.

TrailerVision™ Digital Media Network Now Available Via the Vistar Media Platform

Cinema Scene’s digital place based advertising quantifiably reaches highly desirable movie-going demographics

Cinema Scene Marketing, the nation’s leading provider of digital media to the in-theater lobby environment, is excited to announce a partnership with Vistar Media making the TrailerVision™ network digital inventory available via the Vistar platform. Through this partnership, Cinema Scene hopes to reach new audiences, specifically mobile buyers, who utilize Vistar to reach on-the-go consumers across out-of-home and mobile media.

Cinema Scene’s TrailerVision™ units play unique content including ‘digitally enhanced’ movie trailers, living posters and corporate ads, complete with stereo sound and NFC/QR Code connectivity with mobile users. Cinema Scene’s CMS software team worked closely with Vistar to create a fully integrated solution with the Vistar Platform.

Vistar Media uses location data generated from mobile devices to understand consumer behavior. Through their technology platform, they programmatically purchase out-of-home and mobile media based on these insights. The Vistar platform also enables media buyers to measure concrete returns on out-of-home ad spend, utilizing proprietary cross-screen measurement solutions.

Over 95% of digital place-based out-of-home networks are currently on the Vistar platform, however; Cinema Scene will be the first cinema network to integrate with Vistar.

“We are very excited to welcome Cinema Scene to the Vistar Media platform,” said Jeremy Ozen, President and Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “Timing couldn’t be more ideal as we are seeing rising demand from our digital media clients for new inventory sources to break through the noise this holiday season.”

“What makes this partnership exciting is that we know advertisers are seeking out movie-goers during this record breaking holiday season. With Star Wars and MockingJay, theaters will be buzzing with movie-goers. The TrailerVision™ platform is a perfect platform for brands to use in reaching these customers with video advertising,” said Michael Holmes, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer for Cinema Scene.

About Cinema Scene Marketing

Cinema Scene Media, a division of Cinema Scene Marketing, leverages digital media and promotional products to reach over 300 million cinemagoers annually. TrailerVision™ digital lobby displays reach highly desirable and captive movie going consumers. The CS PROMO Network literally places your brand ‘in the hands’ of consumers via promotional packaging and premiums. Cinema Scene Marketing, headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., delivers promotional marketing and merchandising solutions to cinema clients via concessions packaging, digital signage and marketing services. Cinema Scene’s industry leading solutions can be found in most of the top cinema circuits in North America.