Monetize unsold inventory, centralize sales and operations for direct business, and optimize static and digital sales with audience data. Vistar Media provides a comprehensive technology suite for infrastructure management as well as revenue operations.

Vistar has done an amazing job of hiring smart and passionate people who are transforming
the digital out-of-home space. Of course, Vistar’s platform is top notch. Over the past six years of our partnership,
we have seen the Vistar staff and its platform continue to evolve to fit the needs of the industry”
— Ian Dallimore, Director of Digital Growth, Lamar Advertising Company

Revenue Management

Instantly access the largest source of digital demand for OOH with an easy-to-use platform for transacting, managing and reporting on ad unit sales at the network and venue level.



Monetize unsold inventory through the only exchange built from the ground up for the OOH industry and seamlessly transact programmatic direct deals.

Monetize unsold inventory

Monetize unsold inventory

Centralized platform

Centralized platform


Maintain full control over pricing, creative approval and brand/category whitelists, while gaining operational efficiency through a centralized platform for inventory management, automated yield optimization, and real-time proof-of-posting reporting.



Put the power of data science to work for you by leveraging our movement-based audience insights to identify inventory best situated to reach high-value consumers and niche audiences.

Optimize results

Optimize results

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Infrastructure Management

Vistar provides media owners with infrastructure solutions for device management, customer experience development, and network diagnostics and maintenance. Through our Cortex product suite, we take care of the operational logistics of digital out-of-home, so you can focus on innovation, not infrastructure.