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The Fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising

Your go-to guide for programmatic 

Have you ever wondered how OOH campaigns resonate with the right people, in the right place, at the right time? Programmatic is the secret weapon.

This innovative approach uses software to automate the buying the selling of ad space, placing relevant messaging on billboards, bus shelters and more. But how exactly does it work and what are the benefits? 

Our guide, "The Fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising" is your 101 guide into the world of programmatic OOH. 

Download the guide to learn:

  • What programmatic is and how it works
  • What makes up a programmatic marketplace and the difference between a DSP and SSP
  • How buyers and sellers both benefit from this technology
  • How money and inventory flow plus a look at the variety of transaction types
  • How to remain in control and ensure campaigns look good on DOOH screens 

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