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How Top Political Advertisers are Utilizing Programmatic OOH



Marissa Bernstein

In today’s complex landscape, now more than ever, it’s essential for political candidates and interest groups to get their messages out in a big, bold, safe and timely manner.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) offers political advertisers an effective and proven way to engage their constituents, in the real world. DOOH provides advanced, data-driven targeting solutions based on behavioral traits, first-party or third-party data to ensure precision targeting at scale. The ability to react quickly to breaking news or opponents’ ads, and to have mass reach in markets that tend to have high costs or low availability, makes DOOH an essential channel for your political campaigns.

To help political planners gain support in the places they need it most, we’ve compiled the top 5 benefits of leveraging programmatic DOOH to drive campaign success.

1. Precision Targeting at Scale

  • Custom Behavioral Audiences: What people do in the physical world says a lot about who we are and the things we care about. Vistar can work with you to define a custom audience to reach exactly the voters you need based on movement trends.
      • Such as: Churchgoers, Frequents LGBTQ-Friendly Businesses, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Hispanic Moms

  • First-Party Data: Upload your voter files or other first-party data to reach these people as they move throughout their day. Vistar’s privacy-compliant approach to “first-party data” enables you to get granular without concern.

  • Third-Party Data: Through Vistar Media’s partnerships with leading data providers, including 123Push, Acxiom, Claritas, Epsilon, Factual, Infogroup and L2, campaigns can leverage a range of data-driven audience targeting to reach voters based on party affiliation or voting history.
      • Such as: Registered Democrats or Republicans, Active Political Cause Donors (Conservative or Liberal), Independent Voters, Swing Voters (Highly Likely or Unlikely), Always / Never Voters in Local, Statewide or Presidential Elections

 2. Flexibility in a Changing Environment

  • Take control — hands-on-keyboard options allow for closest alignment to your team’s strategy.
  • Swap creative assets to instantly promote the most relevant messages. It’s extremely simple with Vistar.
  • Easily tailor specific creatives to different audiences or markets, without complicated setup requirements.
  • Capitalize on every news cycle and campaign milestone with up-to-date messaging.
3. A Very Nimble Buying Strategy
  • Traditional OOH operates on a 4-week flight cycle with high minimum spend requirements.
  • Rapid turnaround on campaign setups lets you get live in near real-time.
  • Vistar has no strict spend amounts & no minimum flight lengths, removing the high bar to entry.
4. Seamless Extension of Your Video Assets
  • The majority of digital out-of-home inventory today accepts :15 or :30 second video creatives.
  • Whether you have broadcast TV spots or digital video assets, there’s no need to invest in new or additional tailor-made creatives.

5. Sequential Messaging & Retargeting

  • Mobile Extensions: Vistar allows campaigns to safely retarget those who were exposed to a DOOH campaign on their mobile devices — driving consumers to take lower-funnel actions. Many marketers are leveraging the power of these sequential messaging to prompt voter registration or generate donations.
  • Device ID Passback: Vistar can share the device IDs of those exposed to your DOOH campaign. With Vistar as the ad-server, this is based on true exposure, and can be passed to an external DSP for retargeting across CTV, display, audio, etc.


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