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As engineers, we prioritized what's under the hood.

As partners to the world's media owners, we build solutions that bring the industry forward across digital OOH.

Unlock new revenue

Unlock new revenue, maintain full transparency and control

OOH thrives on the ability to make a campaign part of the physical world. With Vistar, brands and organizations can focus on generating moments of discovery that don’t just create a positive impression, but genuinely lead to action.

Vistar’s SSP brings automation to physical ad space for media owners to manage OOH inventory efficiently and make their screens part of those serendipitous moments.

Manage ads

Manage ads more effectively, efficiently and intelligently

Our Ad Server integrates loop-based and programmatic campaigns so media owners choreograph inventory with one smart management platform for OOH.

Along with our SSP, the Ad Server is engineered for media owners who are looking for a single solution to automate manual tasks and increase inventory value so more marketers can take advantage of the most human channel in advertising.

Empowe innovation

Empower innovation and streamline your workflow

Cortex is designed as an intuitive CMS for the world of DOOH. It’s a highly flexible tool for remote deployment, troubleshooting, performance alerts, and app development.

In an industry that is constantly innovating and improving, media owners need solutions engineered to help them provide new and seamless opportunities for marketers.

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Succeed with customized support and resources

Accelerate your onboarding with expert support:

  • Tailored solutions based on the unique business needs of your network
  • Expert guided implementation at every step
  • Actionable project management strategies
  • Comprehensive in-depth product training

Start learning today with Vistar Academy, our online education and certification program.

Preferred partner of leading out-of-home companies

"Vistar provides us with an easy-to-use, centralized platform with the dynamic inventory management experience we need plus dual screen support allowing us to drive revenue optimization."


Mike Schott
SVP of Media Sales


"Vistar are a fantastic tech partner to work with. As the programmatic DOOH channel is maturing, they have been a fantastic and collaborative partner who are dedicated to growing the channel and building and servicing capability that meets the needs of media owners and buyers. OOH is newer to programmatic, and there are many areas that need to be considered for OOH vendors when making inventory available, and Vistar have been fantastic at helping close the gap on needs, and working to integrate into media owner systems and ways of working. They are extremely flexible in how they service and support our business and are evolving their roadmap and product development at a rapid pace, helping power the accelerated growth we are seeing as a channel."

oOh! Media

Georgina Fox
Head of Digital Sales
oOh! Media

oOh! Media

"Vistar have been a valuable partner for our business, beyond the revenue they have enabled and generated, they have been a sounding board for all things related to our programmatic offering."


Michael Johnstone
Chief Operating Officer


Maximize all your inventory has to offer, with Vistar.

Our platform ensures maximum exposure for your screens, attracting top brands seeking impactful placements. Tap into our expertise and technology to streamline operations, boost your revenue potential, and make OOH the channel of the future.

Let's innovate together