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The first truly intelligent platforms for buying and selling OOH.


Powerful tools and unrivaled expertise

Connect to the largest network of ad space in OOH and plan campaigns that leverage hyper-contextual storytelling to capture a better kind of attention.


Unlocking scalable OOH solutions

Vistar’s SSP is the elite ally to the largest media platforms in the world, providing a bridge that unites OOH with diverse advertising landscapes.


Placing ads on the best digital screens

Connect your media with the programmatic marketplace to streamline inventory management and open up new revenue opportunities.

The Vistar DSP

Tell stories that delight and deliver at any scale

We offer marketers data, expertise and a suite of tools designed around their biggest pain points.


Show up on time, every time - for the people that matter to you

Like an advertising detective, we uncover the habitual hangouts of your target audience by analyzing daily patterns to reveal the optimal times and places to reach them.

This means your campaigns target DOOH screens that resonate, only bidding on spots that will get your campaign in front of the eyes that count.

Complete creative control-1

Complete creative control

Don't have dedicated resources to build creatives for digital out-of-home? Vistar's got you.

Our platform automatically transcodes your digital assets, adapting them for widespread use across varied formats, while our studio team can sprinkle any extra magic needed to make your creatives sing.

Whether it's a static image that speaks volumes or a video that really tells a story, we make sure it displays and resonates perfectly. 

Measure campaign effectiveness_OP3

Measure campaign effectiveness

Out-of-home isn’t just about brand awareness anymore. Understand the impact of your OOH campaign with a variety of different studies — online conversion, sales lift, foot traffic, market pulse and opportunity to see.

When you know more, you can do more, so we put the data in your hands to prove and improve your strategies.

A marketer's out-of-home toolkit

Planning and forecasting OP1

Planning & Forecasting

Powerhouse planning and ad requests analyzed down to the individual venue locations so you can accurately predict the delivery of your planned campaign. 

Data activation OP1

Data Activation

Leverage 1st and 3rd party data to reach your target personas as they move throughout their day. 

Creative management

Creative Management

Easy pre-launch visibility into creative assets required for your campaign's screen mix, and support to ensure you have everything you need. 

Sharing and activation

Sharing & Activation

Send a map or mock up to your clients or team to offer a snapshot of where your ads will be displayed and how they will look. Once you're ready, activate or pause your campaign with the click of a button.

Reporting and insights

Reporting & Insights

View a clear breakdown of impressions, making it a breeze to spot optimization opportunities, and robust reporting analytics help optimize future media buys. 

Our Clients

Trusted by the world's leading brands for out-of-home

The Vistar SSP

The bridge that unites OOH with diverse advertising landscapes

Vistar's SSP brings automation to physical ad space for media owners to manage OOH inventory efficiently and make their screens part of serendipitous marketing moments.

Total control

Total control, total peace of mind

Your network, your rules. You choose what inventory you make available, set the price, customize restrictions, see who is interested in running ads on your screens and ultimately approve or deny any creative. Take the reins to manage your programmatic business exactly as you need.

Unlock new revenue

A Portal to Programmatic Success

  • Network monetization
  • Direct DSP connections 
  • Performance dashboard
  • Network level insights
  • Creative approval
  • Transact your way
  • Create deals
  • Custom reports

Vistar's SSP is the elite ally to omnichannel DSPs

No other platform in the world can match our scale of programmatic OOH transactions. With exclusive access to the Vistar DSP and seamless integrations with all major omnichannel buying platforms, Vistar’s SSP is your on-ramp to media success.

"At Coegi, we do not take vetting another DSP lightly. This is because it can be a large ask for an organization to manage yet another UI. We chose to partner with Vistar for a reason: it makes our offering more robust, they are awesome to work with, it’s a seamless integration into our current workflow and the innovation of the product is second to none.”


Julia Wold
Operations Manager
Programmatic at Coegi


“Vistar Media offers solutions unlike any other player in the space. Thanks to Vistar, we can easily manage all our screens and control the creative with just a click of a button. We are ready for a programmatic out-of-home future.”


Joe Kunigonis
Corner Media


"Vistar's team and technology is the leader in the DOOH ad tech space and they have provided invaluable assistance in shaping our programmatic position in the market."


Eli Korn


Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Remembered.

Out-of-Home advertising is more than just a billboard. It's an experience. A chance to connect with your audience on an emotional level and leave a lasting impression. Ready to join the world’s largest programmatic OOH marketplace and unlock a universe of possibilities?

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