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Integrate loop-based and programmatic campaigns

Our ad server is engineered for media owners who are looking for a single solution to automate manual tasks and increase inventory value.


Software engineered to improve network performance

Cortex is an intuitive and flexible content management software (CMS), designed for an industry that is constantly innovating and improving.

Manage ads

The Vistar Ad Server

Integrate loop-based and programmatic campaigns so media owners can choreograph inventory with one smart management platform for OOH. The ad server is engineered for media owners who are looking for a single solution to automate manual tasks and increase inventory value, so more marketers can take advantage of the most human channel in advertising.

Ad server

Smarter tools, streamlined workflows, better results.

  • Sell to traditional and digital buyers
  • Automate scheduling of campaigns
  • Real-time reporting on campaign performance
  • Deliver multiple unique creatives
  • Schedule and deliver even when offline
  • Set campaigns by a spot in a loop or priority
  • Set restrictions with inclusions and exclusions
  • Customize inventory groups for targeting and reporting
  • Gain insight into inventory reservations and auction analytics
  • Pair creatives to venue resolutions

Our Ad Serving Customers

"Vistar is a proven partner that combines enterprise-grade engineering with nimble innovation to meet the needs of our growing network. This partnership sets our network up for success today and in the future and ultimately to best serve our client partners.”


Winston Benedict
Chief Technology Officer


Empowe innovation

Content Management Software (CMS)

Cortex is designed as an intuitive CMS for the world of digital out-of-home. It’s a highly flexible tool for remote deployment, troubleshooting, performance alerts and app development. In an industry that is constantly innovating and improving, media owners need solutions engineered to help them provide new and seamless opportunities for marketers.


We’ll handle the software, you manage your network

  • APIs for data consolidation
  • Remote deployment & troubleshooting
  • Web-based interface
  • Real-time reporting
  • Device management & monitoring
  • Network health monitoring
  • Inventory management & content strategy
  • Custom alerts & ticketing system
  • Product documentation
  • Customizable screen experiences

Cortex Customers

“By leveraging all of Vistar’s solutions, it allows us to not worry so much about what is going on in the network with the ad buys and allows our primary focus to be with client relationships with larger agencies.”


Nathan Hoy
Head of Programmatic Partnerships & Operations
AdPlanet by Coinstar


Unleash the full potential of your digital signage network

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