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In Case You Missed the 1st DPAA Video Everywhere Canada



Aliana Heffernan

Yesterday was the first DPAA Video Everywhere Summit held in Toronto, Canada. Vistar was pleased to be a sponsor of this inaugural event and to have a few members of our team attend, including CEO Michael Provenzano and Scott Mitchell, our Sales Director for Canada. The focus of the conference was to shed light on the state of digital out-of-home in Canada, offering major players a time to learn and network. During the conference, Michael sat down with Mike Rusk from Cadreon for a brief Q&A with Barry Frey, CEO of the DPAA, to discuss how programmatic is playing a larger role in the DOOH landscape.

Here were some of our key takeaways:

  1. Inventory is still fragmented, and buyers want the industry to take steps to consolidate access for more streamlined planning, buying and the ability to apply targeting & measurement strategies across ALL inventory.

  2. There is huge demand for self-service access to programmatic DOOH buying in the Canadian market. Groups such as Cadreon are investing in their teams to become experts in platform-based DOOH buying. 

  3. Measurement and attribution will continue to take center stage in the DOOH dialogue. Buyers are demanding more accountability for DOOH.

  4. At the end of the day, real technology works, not flashy designs. The DOOH landscape has been frustrated by too many providers promising exciting solutions that actually amount to little more than listing services. Media owners & buyers alike need real programmatic technology.

Interested in learning more about Vistar's work in Canada? Learn more in the case study below: 


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