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I Didn’t Know I Could DOOH That: Use CRM Data for Customer Engagement



Leslie Lee

In a time when everyone’s behaviors have changed and brands are concerned with maintaining loyalty, many advertisers are making use of their existing customer data to keep their loyal buyers engaged. And many are putting that data to work in the real-world with programmatic out-of-home!

Through partnerships with the leading onboarding providers, Vistar can safely ingest brands’ first-party audience data and transfer it into device IDs for programmatic DOOH activation.

The process is simple: simply upload your CRM or first-party data to your preferred onboarding partner. All user information is anonymized through a de-identification process with LiveRamp or another onboarder. Vistar receives the privacy-safe device-ID audience segments, and Vistar activates DOOH based on the movement patterns of your target audience.

Leverage your first-party audience data to create and target move-alike audiences with DOOH — reaching people who move similarly to your current customers, in the physical world.

  • Combine CRM data with financial data to identify qualified prospects for an upcoming product launch
  • Promote loyalty or referral programs to your frequent purchasers
  • Engage customers reaching the end of a product lifestyle and are likely to be ready for an upgrade
  • Use transaction data to target frequent shoppers of a large retailer with unique offers
  • Reach past purchasers to drive demand for a new seasonal product
  • Retarget current customers on mobile with savings and promotions

Bet you didn’t know you could digital out-of-home that!


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