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Unlocking the potential: The 2024 APAC Marketers guide to programmatic out-of-home



Ben Baker

This blog is an excerpt from the special edition report, Programmatic out-of-home: what APAC Marketers need to know

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, the fusion of programmatic technology with digital signage marks a transformative era. From global advancements to recent investments in the APAC region, the rise of full programmatic capabilities is reshaping the possibilities of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, offering advertisers unprecedented connectivity and data-driven strategies.

CTA - APAC Drum Whitepaper

Programmatic advertising meets digital signage in APAC

Combining programmatic technology with digital signage has created a new world of possibilities. That’s true both globally and, more recently, in the APAC region due to a series of significant investments. For instance, we have made a serious commitment to the development of new solutions for digital out-of-home - launching full programmatic capabilities in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, expanding an existing footprint in the APAC region from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. This investment has energised interest in the DOOH medium like never before, and advertisers now have the chance to connect seamlessly across borders and access the full marketplace with data-led campaign strategies.

As a result, demand from brands for DOOH solutions is rising. Meeting this in Southeast Asia is possible because they are now able to use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to buy and measure data-driven DOOH campaigns via both the open exchange and private marketplace deals. Benefits include greater transparency and control, together with a more measurable and optimised approach. 

I’m also excited about the connectivity that’s growing between DOOH and other media platforms and channels, and we’ll see some great examples of that in action right here in this report. The efficiencies and ability to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) are strong features, but let’s not forget the potential to unleash higher levels of creativity in the region. After all, DOOH is a phenomenal canvas for creative storytelling and is situated in some of the most contextually relevant locations within a consumer’s daily journey. 

Above all, it’s encouraging to see more widespread adoption of programmatic DOOH in the APAC region, and Vistar Media saw 85% growth in 2023, and 65% the previous year. The next stage is to fully understand all the channel has to offer in order to effectively plan this activity as part of those wider omnichannel marketing strategies.


Introducing the 2024 APAC Marketers guide to programmatic out-of-home

Dive deeper into the world of DOOH with our comprehensive report. You'll find inspirational campaign examples from Mad Mex, Dulux, Musashi, and Stake, the latest trends and fresh insights on the medium and how to succeed (especially in APAC).

The future of marketing is here, and it's creative, targeted and programmatic. Are you ready to optimise your next DOOH campaign?

Download The APAC Marketers guide to programmatic out-of-home today and start planning your next campaign!


CTA - APAC Drum Whitepaper



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