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4 Ways to Maintain Inventory Control While Using Programmatic DOOH



Aliana Heffernan

The introduction of programmatic to the digital out-of-home marketplace has brought with it a number of major advancements, helping to push the industry forward. However, while marketers are eager to adopt a more streamlined, data-driven approach to buying DOOH media, many media owners are wary of how this new technology will impact their business. These concerns primarily stem from the misconceptions surrounding rates and creative approval. 

To help, we’re breaking down the key ways DOOH media owners can maintain inventory control while using programmatic. 

1. Set Your Own Rates

To begin, the most important feature to highlight is that Vistar gives media owners full control over the minimum rates allowed for their inventory. No transaction will ever occur through the Vistar platform at a rate below what the media owner sets themselves. 

The biggest myth that surrounds programmatic DOOH is that automated buying will drive prices down. While it’s easy to think that programmatic buying would result in a devaluation, it’s far from the truth! Unlike display or mobile, where ad space is seemingly infinite, there are only so many DOOH screens available. This means that because programmatic digital out-of-home is in limited supply, but in high demand, bidding can drive prices up. Many media owners have increased rates as they’ve seen the high value advertisers place on reaching their audiences through that inventory.

Ultimately, CPM floors are at your discretion and Vistar’s account managers will be there to help you strategize the best options for your network. 

2. Pick What Inventory You Sell Programmatically 

Want to limit your programmatic inventory to a certain region or DMA? Or would you just like to make certain screen types available? With the Vistar Platform, you decide what inventory you want to sell programmatically and make available for buyers. You can make changes to your inventory at any time, adjusting availability based off of your business needs and network changes. 

3. Choose Your Own Transaction

Vistar’s Ad Exchange gives media owners access to the largest source of digital demand from the world’s top programmatic buyers. Internally, Vistar’s programmatic dashboard enables media owners to control just how their inventory is monetized. Not only do you have full transparency and control over how much you charge and what inventory is available, but you also decide how it can be sold.

Whether you want to sell through open auction, with the full programmatic capabilities of real-time bidding, or prefer to execute custom sales through private marketplace (PMP) deals, Vistar can help you deliver. 

Additionally, Vistar brings the buyers to you, helping increase the scale of brands you work with and provide new digital sources of revenue – a perfect complement to your in-house sales teams. 

4. Keep Control of Creative Approvals 

As a DOOH network, your screens are visible in public, highly trafficked spaces. Some of these spaces are sensitive environments, such as digital signage within or in close proximity to schools, houses of worship and family entertainment venues. You also might have existing commitments to specific brands and want to ensure you don’t accept ads from any competitors within the same category.

Vistar provides media owners with granular control of creative approvals. You are able to set up category restrictions and black/white lists for your network, so only ads that meet those criteria will filter down to you, to approve or deny. Beyond those controls, we’ve built a streamlined process that allows you to easily approve every individual creative asset, without complicated or manual hassle. Simply put – a piece of creative cannot run on your network unless someone on your team has seen and approved it. 

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