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5 Must-Reads If You're Considering DOOH



Aliana Heffernan

As countless reports and studies have shown, DOOH is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums, with considerable investments coming from marketers, media owners, and government agencies. However, many in the digital world may have little to no experience executing a DOOH campaign. If you’re considering DOOH for your next marketing initiative, here are 5 must-read articles to catch you up to speed:

  1. What is Out of Home Media? - An Introduction, from EMC Outdoor

    Don’t know where to start? EMC Outdoor’s post serves as a great OOH 101. From the differences between traditional and digital to where you can find OOH, learn the basics without being inundated by too many technical terms.

  2. How Digital Data & Innovation are Making OOH a Core Media Buy, from OAAA

    This article is for those who are familiar with out of home, but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for their brand or client. OAAA breaks down how OOH offers scale, the latest tech, amplification with mobile and more.

  3. Outdoor Signage: Digital vs. Static, from Mvix

    Most people know OOH as billboards and signs, but today, there’s a lot more variation across venues and displays. Mvix explains a more nuanced approach to OOH, highlighting the differences between digital and static creative.

  4. 2018 Digital Out-Of-Home Metrics Glossary, from IAB

    One factor that may deter buyers from entering the DOOH market is that there is quite a bit of terminology to keep straight. Not sure what “a partial screen primary ad unit” means, or are unsure of how audience reach applies to outdoor advertising? This IAB glossary is for you.

  5. OOH is the new black, from Abdallah Jbilou, Marketing Director at JCDecaux Central America - via Medium

    Now some of you may be thinking, is OOH really back in style? The answer is yes! OOH is innovating at a rapid speed, with no signs of stopping. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about how you can incorporate DOOH into your marketing mix.

Are there any articles we missed? What other posts would you recommend for those just starting out in the world of OOH? Tweet us at @vistarmedia with your suggestions!

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