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5 Reasons Why Brands Trust Out-of-Home – And Consumers Do, Too



Aliana Heffernan

According to a recent study by Rapport, brands that dedicate 15% or more of their media budgets to out-of-home experience a 24% increase in brand trust and a 106% increase in perception of brand quality. But why do consumers trust OOH more than other media channels?

5 Reasons Why Brands – And Consumers –Trust Out-of-Home

In our increasingly global, digital world, consumers have begun to expect more from the brands they use and stores at which they shop. As reported in the latest research from Vistar Media and MFour, quality and brand reputation are among the top qualities consumers say attract them to a particular brand. To give marketers a better sense of why OOH is a valuable addition to any campaign, we’ve collected the top 5 reasons why brands and consumers alike trust this impactful medium.

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy

    The public nature of OOH can lead consumers to believe brand messaging and gain confidence in their products. Additionally, familiarity with a brand helps build trust – by using OOH, brands can shape consumer opinions in a positive, memorable way. In our report, we found that 50% of consumers state that they truly believe the messaging seen in OOH ads, ranking this channel higher than any other advertising format. For brands that want to maximize impact when it comes to brand reputation, reliability and authenticity, OOH delivers.
  2. Drive Upper Funnel Metrics

    OOH helps build awareness and consideration, enabling brands to shape their identity with bold creative, with the potential to make a brand instantly recognizable. But first – brands need to take the plunge into the world of OOH. Consider the competitive personal care category. With aisles and aisles of toiletries and cosmetics, it is imperative for brands to distinguish themselves from one another. Our consumer report uncovered that half of personal care shoppers state that they plan their purchases a few days in advance, and, even more strikingly, more than 25% plan these buys a few weeks or months in advance. This means that brands have ample time to influence consumer opinion and again, a ripe opportunity for marketers to leverage OOH.  
  3. Be a Part of the Consumer Journey

    Two crucial phases of the consumer journey are the path-to-purchase and point-of-purchase – digital out-of-home offers access to shoppers during both. OTC sales in particular are significantly impacted by point-of-purchase advertising. In fact, our research shows that more than half of consumers plan their OTC purchases within the hour, or within a few hours of buying them. This means that OTC brands need to activate as close to where their products are sold as possible to take advantage of these last-minute decision makers.
  4. Make Every Impression Count

    OOH offers a powerful way to convey campaign messaging – when and where other channels cannot. While display can raise concerns of brand safety and traditional TV audiences continue to shrink, investment in OOH continues to grow year over year because a) it works and b) it is becoming more readily available through programmatic technology. Tim Ringel, global CEO of Reprise Digital stated, "Sadly, some of the mainstream traditional media has become very secondary in terms of how we consume it [...] We don't consume it consciously anymore because the moment a TV ad comes on, we are on our phone. It's different with many OOH formats where, if you're really creative, you can't really escape that bus stop. You can't really escape that subway station.”
  5. You’re Gonna Be Pop-U-Lar!

    OOH has become ubiquitous. As a one-to-many medium, OOH allows brands to reach a large audience. Our research with MFour found that 98% of CPG shoppers have noticed digital screen advertisements in at least one of the main digital out-of-home (DOOH) venue types — all of which are available on the Vistar platform. Going even further, advanced targeting based on audience behavior and movement patterns enables you to reach consumers who are most likely to try your products or services. Ultimately, the more people that know about the product, the more who will purchase it.

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