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Five tips for maximizing DOOH in the omnichannel media mix



Hannah Lyder

DOOH advertising encourages marketers to take their campaigns to new heights by delivering unforgettable, cohesive experiences to consumers at every touchpoint. And now, thanks to advancements in programmatic technology, DOOH seamlessly integrates within the omnichannel media mix and enhances the results of cross-channel campaigns. Here are the five best tips for integrating DOOH into the wider media mix in 2024.

This blog is an excerpt from the special edition report, The 2024 Advertiser’s Playbook for DOOH. 


#1: Streamline creative messaging

Ensure brand messaging on DOOH complements that in other channels such as TV, mobile and social media. Deploying a consistent message and tone across channels allows DOOH to become a real-world extension of online campaigns and enables brands to connect with consumers on multiple levels – delivering deeper engagement and amplifying the impact of other media.


#2: Implement consistent audience strategies

By leveraging behavioral, household, and first/third-party data, marketers can seamlessly extend their online audience targeting strategies to DOOH through programmatic technology.  This enables brands to deliver a consistent message to the same audience across all points of interaction in both the online and offline worlds. 



#3: Retarget consumers with unified messaging

Retargeting capabilities in DOOH offer advertisers an opportunity to identify consumers who have been exposed to their ads, re-engage with those who didn’t convert initially and then drive them to action. By retargeting audiences that have already seen their marketing messages, brands can build stories that span the entire customer journey and dramatically boost the effectiveness of other advertising channels, like mobile, display, connected TV, social media, streaming audio and more.


#4: Introduce DOOH into your programmatic buying

Several omnichannel DSPs are leaning into DOOH due to rising client demand and the channel’s massive growth in recent years. Marketers can now likely access and buy DOOH through an omnichannel DSP if desired, bringing the channel into the same ecosystem as other programmatically traded media. 


#5: Integrate measurement solutions

The benefits of DOOH advertising in the marketing mix can be understood more fully through analytics tools that measure its impact. By leveraging the robust measurement solutions available today in DOOH, advertisers can measure results such as brand health, incremental foot traffic, online conversion and sales lift that match the KPIs found elsewhere in the omnichannel mix. These measurement capabilities provide marketers with clear insight into how their DOOH ads are impacting the upper- or lower-funnel metrics that matter the most and thus how they can use programmatic OOH to complement the other channels in their media mix.




Incorporating DOOH into omnichannel strategies is reshaping the way marketers connect with their audiences. These five tips, extracted from The 2024 Advertiser’s Playbook for DOOH, serves as a compass for navigating the complexities of running an omnichannel campaign.

As DOOH seamlessly connects consumers' online and offline interactions, it stands as a pivotal force in amplifying the impact of cross-channel campaigns and delivering cohesive brand experiences.

Download The Advertiser's Playbook for DOOH today and start planning your next campaign!


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