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A Deep Dive into Vistar's Ad Server



Marissa Bernstein

Let’s hone in on the engine behind Vistar’s DOOH marketplace: the Ad Server.


Within one integrated system, Vistar’s ad server operates as a real-time decision engine, designed to help media owners streamline their workflow, maintain control and increase the value of their inventory.

Built like an online ad server, yet customized for the complexities of out-of-home, our platform makes it seamless for media owners to connect their digital assets to any buyer. At all times, our ad server works to make the best possible business decisions - balancing direct sold campaigns with the potential for incremental programmatic revenue.

Are you interested in better monetizing your inventory and improving your network operations? With Vistar’s Ad Server, you can:

Increase the value of your inventory.

Vistar’s ad server provides a holistic view across direct-sold and exchange demand sources, enabling you to easily understand inventory availability. With the ability to reserve and book inventory in advance, as well as leverage real-time availability tracking, you can optimize your pricing and maximize your yield.

Streamline your workflow.

Say goodbye to the days of manually scheduling playlists — our platform saves you time and resources by allowing you to plan, book and monitor your campaign within one easy-to-use system.

Leverage dynamic targeting capabilities.

Apply advanced targeting to your DOOH campaigns, with no complicated manual scheduling required. Vistar’s ad server enables you to target campaigns based on movement patterns, creative, weather, points of interest and more — all while increasing the value of your assets.

Count on reliable reporting.

Near real-time reports give you immediate visibility, while an easy-to-share dashboard lets you give clients access to their performance details. For live campaigns, Vistar’s SpotStream allows you to see exactly which creatives are currently running and where.


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