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A New Look for Vistar



Leslie Lee

Today, we launched a new look for Vistar. I’m excited to share these brand updates and why we made them. 

At Vistar, we make big, bold moves to help our customers make dramatic forward progress. Our new branding reflects that ambition and tenacity with bold new colors and imagery that highlights out-of-home and people moving through their environments. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to prove our expertise and earn the trust of the industry - and we’ll continue to do so. This update to our style and content puts our customers and partners front and center, so you can hear about results directly from the people that matter.

We know you come to Vistar to understand what’s happening at the intersection of technology and out-of-home. We’ve made a few changes that make it easier to find resources and information about all things digital out-of-home: 

  • You can find all blog posts, guides, ebooks and news announcements on the Resources page. 
  • For current customers, we’ve improved the navigation in our Knowledge Base to make it easier to find the support resources you need. 

We have new colors, new images and new graphics, but our core focus is the same: driving the future of out-of-home.

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