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‘It’s Up To You’ Programmatic Campaign Drives Vaccination Intent



Leslie Lee

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH), today announced that its DOOH activation for the Ad Council’s “It’s Up To You” COVID-19 vaccination education campaign drove a 6 % lift in intent to get vaccinated, and a 22% lift in consideration of seeking out information about COVID-19 vaccines within the next month.

The Ad Council also saw a 64% increase in consumer awareness of the DOOH campaign messaging; significantly, intent to get vaccinated among those with very high vaccine hesitancy rose by 29%.

The campaign, which ran via Vistar in late 2021, was placed in target zip codes based on very high, high, and medium vaccine hesitancy across a variety of DOOH venues categories: entertainment (bars, casual dining, hotels, movie theaters, etc.), outdoor (billboards and urban panels), retail (convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, malls, pharmacies, etc.), transit (taxi tops, train stations, subways and bus shelters) and other (schools, gyms, salons, offices, apartment buildings, etc.).

“Given this campaign had such a heavy geotargeting element, being able to extend our reach in key areas using Vistar’s digital OOH platform was instrumental to the success of this campaign and encouraging people to seek more information about the COVID-19 vaccine.” Liz DeAngelis VP, Media, The Ad Council

Additional campaign results include:

  • An increase of consideration among consumers with vaccine hesitancy. For example, consideration reached 58% among those with very high hesitancy, 53% with high hesitancy and 57% with moderate hesitancy
  • Nearly 3 in 5 consumers in the exposed group were likely to recommend getting vaccinated against COVID-19 to a friend or family member

“Out-of-home is a media that is uniquely part of our communities and our daily lives out in the physical world, making it an ideal medium to deliver the critical call for everyone to get vaccinated. Coupled with the programmatic capabilities OOH has to offer, the Ad Council was able to focus their campaign on the communities with highest vaccine hesitancy and activate compelling messaging seamlessly across a huge array of venues, effectively influencing towards higher vaccine adoption.” Dave Rivera, Head of Channel Partnerships at Vistar Media.

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