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Advana Selects Vistar Media as Full Stack Technology Partner



Skylar Spencer

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), today announced its full suite of digital signage technology will power Advana’s global network of point-of-sale screens and digital signage.

Advana is utilizing Vistar’s full stack - including its ad server, device and content management software, and supply-side platform - to manage all inventory and create a seamless content and ad delivery experience. Using Vistar’s integrated solutions will enhance the performance of the Advana network, and give Advana the ability to increase yield across DOOH supply-side platforms (SSP) through Vistar’s mediation product.

This all in one solution empowers the Advana team to focus on growing and improving its network while Vistar handles the underlying advertising and content infrastructure. 

“At Advana, we are dedicated to helping our partners maximize the value of their venues leveraging our audience insight and data science expertise,” said Derek Myers, CEO at Advana. “Integrating Vistar into our platform will greatly enhance our ability to serve targeted content at scale across our growing network of over 40,000 venues where consumers work, shop, and play.”

With more than 200 media networks representing 647,000+ venues, Vistar has the largest footprint of programmatically accessible OOH inventory available to both enterprise and startup networks globally. 

“The opportunity for digital signage in retail is exploding and there is massive demand for more screens that provide engaging customer experiences and messaging opportunities,” said Arnie Rivera, Director of SaaS & Supply Sales at Vistar Media. “We’re excited for Advana to select Vistar as its technology partner to transform the retail experience.”

With Advana’s inventory now available on Vistar’s DOOH platform, media buyers can place their buys programmatically through private marketplace deals or through Vistar’s ad exchange.

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