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Aperol promotes its summer Spritz with weather triggered DOOH



Mahsa Sabouri

Aperol has launched a DOOH campaign, triggered by the perfect cocktail weather conditions. Already a well known brand, the popularity of the Aperol Spritz maintains in a crowded market with a connection to summer, and promoting a refreshing, fun drink.

Turning the summer heat into marketing opportunities

Maximizing programmatic capabilities, the campaign only activated when the temperature hit 19 degrees or above, and specifically targeted through the run up to weekend relaxation, playing from 1-8pm Thursday to Sunday.

They targeted social hubs and high footfall locations across all major cities. A perfect reminder of the Aperol brand and driving consideration and consumption across a summer weekend, the peak period for both brand awareness and sales.

The effects of weather on consumer behaviour

According to Woo & Jung, weather has an impact on consumer mood and purchase decisions, influencing behaviors of what we do and when (2021). Activating weather targeting in your programmatic DOOH campaign enhances stand-out and impact. This happens by reaching your target audience at the most optimal times, and mindset.

Keen to learn more about this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our Regional Lead in BENELUX, Gido Andriessen via email: gandriessen@vistarmedia.com 

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