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The beauty of DOOH: High-impact media across the consumer journey



Marissa Bernstein

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) landscape today boasts a variety of inventory — from large high-impact screens, to screens with 1:1 engagement, to unique contextual environments.

Programmatic technology allows brands to reach consumers across the full breadth of this spectrum, depending on when and where their audiences are actually spending time. As the largest marketplace for programmatic OOH, Vistar brings unparalleled scale to the industry — providing marketers with access to more than 150 media owners across 30+ venue types globally.

“The promise of programmatic is for an advertiser to reach their consumers wherever they move throughout the physical world during their day, and for media owners to get the true value of our unique inventory for those moments of engagement.”
— Ian Dallimore, VP of Digital Growth at Lamar Advertising Company


How One Retailer Used Programmatic OOH Throughout the Consumer Journey

We know that consumers plan their purchasing decisions for personal care products well in advance — with half of personal care shoppers planning their purchases a few days in advance, and more than 25% planning these buys weeks or months ahead of time! And, because there is such a long window of consideration for these products, brands have a huge opportunity to influence shoppers if they engage them throughout the path to purchase. By reaching shoppers at multiple touch points through digital out-of-home, marketers can make an immense impact across the entire consumer journey.

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Our latest study breaks down how a well-known beauty retailer turned to Vistar Media to develop an innovative OOH strategy that could leverage data and provide measurable results. The brand seamlessly ran across 10+ OOH media networks, representing a mix of venue types — and successfully reached its target audience at multiple different points in their day and in a variety of contextual environments.


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