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Vistar Receives Our First Patent!



Michael Provenzano

We recently received news that Vistar's first patent has been approved by the US Patent Office. When we submitted the application back in 2014, we were tackling the problems of verifying and correcting inaccurate location data. Since then, we've had many more innovations and been able to grow a thriving business that provides our clients with valuable insights about their customers, thanks to our geotemporal data management technology.

Our company relies on the use of location data to identify audiences and analyze behavior patterns, so we developed a system for verifying the accuracy of reported device locations to ensure we are always working with the most reliable information. This patent recognizes our approach which uses probability modeling across multiple location data factors for this verification.

Receiving this patent is an important step for Vistar and reinforces our dedication to engineering quality technology. For Vistar, the business isn’t just our ability to use technology, but develop innovative new solutions to the ever-evolving challenges that marketers and media owners face. We hold ourselves to a high standard, which is why we value the countless contributions of our engineering team. We're proud to have this location system recognized as a true innovation with the award of this patent.

For those who may be interested, you can find the full patent here.

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