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Team Building at Vistar’s 2018 Company Offsite: A Look Back & Jump Forward



Aliana Heffernan

The Vistar Media 2018 Company Offsite began with breakfast and catching up with colleagues - followed by a game of Mad Libs for good measure! Over the course of a day and a half, all Vistar employees had a chance to hear what other teams are up to, ask questions, and learn what is in store for the business over the next few months.

CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Provenzano kicked off with a brief overview of the state of the industry, sharing how we fit into the out-of-home ecosystem in 2018 and beyond. Outside of highlighting his love for his home state of Texas, one of the main features of Michael’s presentation was company growth. In 2016, at the last all-hands meetings, the team was 48 people. As of February 2018, Vistar has a workforce of 88. We’re excited to continue this growth in the coming year as we expand to new markets and continue to deliver results for our clients.

Afterwards, our CTO and Co-Founder Mark Chadwick took to the stage. After a throwback to the early days of the company, in a small row home on Smedley Street in downtown Philly, he shared his genuine amazement over how far Vistar has come in six short years. From the start, our goal was to “bring the efficiencies of RTB (real-time bidding) to out-of-home”. Today, our technology has expanded from these initial building blocks, but our goals remain fundamentally the same: power and enhance every transaction that occurs in the global out-of-home industry.

The two keynotes were followed by a series of department overview sessions designed to align teams on business goals, a panel featuring leaders in the out-of-home industry, and a raucous night of team trivia, sparking new project ideas and friendships (who knew a trivia competition could have such amazing results?!).

As a company, we work hard to support a culture of innovation, emphasizing the importance of open communication and collaboration. We respect and value each other, and genuinely want to see our company and colleagues succeed. The atmosphere of the Offsite served as a reminder of how close a team we have built here, even as we’ve grown over the years.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, you can find the latest job openings below:


Check back for more inside peeks into Vistar’s 2018 planning over the next few weeks!

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