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Bol.Com Tests Programmatic Out-Of-Home Tunnel Advertising In Rotterdam Metro



Mahsa Sabouri

Bol, in collaboration with Dentsu, embarked on an innovative journey to test digital tunnel advertising within the Rotterdam metro system. This initiative empowers advertisers and agencies to connect with consumers through full-motion video ads that grace the walls of bustling metro lines across the Netherlands. Technically, this advertising avenue has been made programmatically accessible, thanks to the support of Vistar Media.

A Remarkable Metro Campaign for Bol.com: Reaching a Staggering 1 Million People with High-Impact Content

The campaign recently unfolded over a three-week span at Blaak metro station, heading towards Beurs. Advertisements were strategically scheduled to coincide primarily with rush hours, ensuring maximum exposure and value for Bol. This concerted effort led to an astonishing reach of 1 million individuals.

Kelly Siemons, Bol’s Media Manager, commented, “This innovative advertising approach enables us to craft content that seamlessly aligns with the location and the moment. For this campaign, we brought our digital content into the physical world, creating a unique connection with our audience.

Digital Tunnel Advertising Now Accessible through Programmatic Means via Vistar Media

Vistar Media introduces the programmatic accessibility of digital tunnel advertising inventory, pioneering a seamless avenue for advertisers and agencies. This newfound capability enables efficient procurement of high-impact out-of-home ad space, harnessing the power of programmatic technology and data-driven strategies. Diederick Ubels, Managing Director EMEA at Vistar Media, emphasizes, “In advanced programmatic DOOH markets, it is imperative to offer top-tier ad space to marketers seeking integrated, data-driven campaigns.”

adtrackmedia’s Digital Tunnel Advertising Network Expands Globally

adtrackmedia boasts an expanding network of digital advertising systems deployed in tunnels worldwide, spanning train and metro tunnels. In 2020, they made headlines by introducing the inaugural tunnel advertising system in the Rotterdam metro. adtrackmedia’s systems feature vertical LED strips on tunnel walls, showcasing high-resolution, full-motion advertisements. Maarten Duijne, Managing Partner at adtrackmedia Netherlands, reflects, “Rather than staring at bland tunnel walls, passengers feel fully engaged, as if they’re immersed in a cinematic journey. This offers brands a unique opportunity to captivate travelers.

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