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Brands Use New Tech to Extend Third-Party Data Strategies into DOOH


Vistar Media has released a new comprehensive guide to audience and targeting strategies for digital out-of-home. 

While the application of data to digital out-of-home media is still relatively new, in a short period of time it’s already proven incredibly valuable to marketers. For instance, a number of innovative brands have taken their existing third-party data strategies and extended their reach through DOOH media.

To give you a closer look at how data is changing the DOOH landscape, we’re breaking down the basics and showing you how third-party data can be used in your upcoming omnichannel campaigns. 


By definition, third-party data encompasses any data that is not proprietary to a brand. 

Examples of available 3rd-party data include:

Purchase Data | Mobile App Data | B2B Data | TV Viewership Data | & more… 

This means, if you’re targeting a specific third-party audience online, you can now reach that same audience in the real-world, amplifying the impact of your campaign. 


A wide variety of third-party data is available, ready for you to use for your DOOH activations. Through Vistar Media’s partnerships with the industry’s top data providers, you can extend your brand’s existing audience strategies into DOOH. Vistar can ingest a variety of data sources, such as recent purchases or app install data, in order to build and target audiences in the physical world.

Our partners include… 

Just to name a few! 

Learn why Foursquare doubled-down on its DOOH data solutions.

Vistar is data agnostic, so we’re not isolated to one data source for how we build our audiences.

Does your brand have an existing relationship with a data provider? 

Through Vistar’s partnership with LiveRamp, clients can now also leverage their preferred third-party providers to reach consumers through DOOH. The LiveRamp Data Store is an extensive network of 100+ platform integrations, in which data owners can make their data accessible to marketers for targeting. 

Ready to learn more about third-party data for DOOH and how different clients have successfully taken a data-driven approach to their campaigns? Download our new Audience & Targeting Playbook today.

Download The Playbook!

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