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Clicktrust leverages Programmatic OOH to create brand awareness



Mahsa Sabouri

As a sister brand of VOO, Zuny remains a challenger on the telco market. To ensure effective market penetration, Zuny required greater visibility. The objective was to expand Zuny’s reach and raise awareness in Brussels and Wallonne. To achieve this, Clicktrust decided to expand the reach in the street with programmatic DOOH. 

The campaign

Using a DOOH specific DSP, Clicktrust was able to reach an audience of 800,000 people in Brussels and Wallonia, during a 4 week campaign. This achievement was made possible through the strategic placement of Zuny ads across 163 screens located in key areas such as streets, stations, and retail environments.

“When we mention “streets,” we refer to all panels positioned on the sides of streets, making our brand visible to a wide range of passersby. The inclusion of “stations” implies our strategic presence in the central halls of train stations and at their entrances, ensuring exposure to a captive audience. Additionally, our campaign extended to “retail” locations, where we displayed our ads prominently in front of supermarkets at their entrances, maximizing visibility and engagement.”

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“The Zuny campaign exemplifies the power of DOOH in delivering tangible results for our client with +2.7% leads and reaching 800k people. By strategically placing our ads in high-traffic areas and leveraging the captivating nature of DOOH, we were able to reach a significant audience and effectively support the TV campaign.“ 

Patrick Kibale - Client Strategy Director - Clicktrust

Keen to learn more about this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our Regional Lead in BENELUX, Gido Andriessen via email: gandriessen@vistarmedia.com 



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