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Consumers: Out of the House & Ready to Know Your Brand



Marci Weisler

With restrictions lifted and high rates of vaccination increasing, people are out of the house and reengaging with public spaces - and digital out-of-home media is right there to greet them. For example, 98% of consumers have visited a DOOH venue type in the last 30 days. 

But what marketers need to to focus on is not only that people are out of the house - but that they are in an extremely receptive mindset when they are. The majority of Americans enjoy being out of the house these days (72%), feel happy when they are out of the house (70%), and look forward to being out of the house (68%).

Take advantage of this opportunity to build a promising association with your brand while consumers are in a positive mindset. Digital out-of-home allows you to incorporate your branding and messages into these valuable out-of-the-house experiences!

Vengo offers screens that are up close and personal in some of the most critical locations in a consumer’s daily life - gyms, college campuses, grocery, doctors’ offices and hotels. Thanks to motion sensors on Vengo screens, they are able to confidently show audience activity  surrounding these engaging messaging touch points.

The data shows that people are embracing former routines - working out, returning to the office, visiting doctors, and taking trips again!

For example, here is how traffic data across Vengo's network in July 2021 compared with pre-COVID traffic in 2020, with many DMAs above 100%:

  • Gyms - 90%
  • Doctors' Offices - 90%
  • Offices & Workspaces - 102%
  • Hotels - 126%

Reaching people where they are, out in the real world, through inventory such as Vengo screens allows your brand to become part of the positive consumer experience. Learn more how programmatic OOH can help your brand capitalize on these unique moments! 


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