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CPG Brand Increases Purchase Intent by +32% Using Programmatic OOH



Aliana Heffernan

Recently, Vistar helped a well-known antiperspirant brand reach their target customers through digital out-of-home and mobile. Ultimately, Vistar was able to drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent for the antiperspirant brand among their desired audience.

This antiperspirant brand selected Vistar Media for our ability to reach specific audience segments in prime locations as they move throughout their day. The brand identified their ideal target audience as frequent Walmart shoppers, aged 18 to 25, who also enjoyed physical activity.

Vistar first had to determine who was in fact part of this “active  Walmart loyalist” audience. By utilizing passive location data, we were able to identify individuals who visited both Walmart and fitness centers on a regular basis. Once the audience was defined, it was time to analyze their movement patterns to determine where they would most likely be as they went about their daily routines.

Placing Ads Throughout the Journey 

Ads for this campaign were strategically placed in DOOH locations to reach these active Walmart consumers. Additionally, mobile ads were executed to amplify the impact of DOOH exposure, through successful real-world retargeting.  

At the end of the campaign, results showed that there was a 10% lift in awareness, 35% lift in consideration, and 32% lift in purchase intent - all strong results for an already well-known brand.  

What Do These Results Mean for Marketers? 

These results also indicated that we were accurate in reaching the brand’s target audience throughout the campaign, with 71% of exposed consumers self-reporting as Walmart loyalists. Consumers were receptive to advertising in gyms, exemplifying how DOOH advertising is often successful when it is placed in a location where audiences engage in behavior relevant to that ad. However, consumers exposed at universities showed an even greater consideration for the product, indicating that a valuable subset of the target audience was also a part of the college student demographic.

We recommended that future campaigns continue to align both DOOH and mobile because of the success of both mediums working together to drive lift in the lower funnel metrics, consideration and purchase intent. This strategy will help the brand continue to reach target audiences, at even more touch points throughout the day.


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