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A Cross-Screen Strategy Boosts State Tourism Intent 179%



Aliana Heffernan

For years, destination marketing has successfully reached millions of tourists, drawing them to exotic and historic locations around the globe. Some destinations sell adventure or relaxation, while others focus on activities available to experience local culture.

A state that benefits from fun excursions, luxurious spas, and a rich heritage wanted to generate awareness and consideration for their destination as a tourist hot spot for leisure travelers and foodies. In order to reach their target audience, the state’s tourism board decided to work with Vistar Media to run a campaign across digital out-of-home and mobile.

Vistar created an audience of leisure travelers and foodies by identifying people who traveled more than two times per year and frequently visited trendy restaurants throughout New York City. Next, Vistar analyzed their movement patterns and then activated DOOH and mobile media based on where these individuals would most likely be throughout their day.

By the end of the campaign, all major key performance indicators experienced significant lift, showing the impact of reaching individuals at multiple touch points. Awareness grew by 94%, consideration increased 104%, and purchase intent rose 179%. Cross-screen exposure resulted in the greatest lift for consideration and purchase intent, highlighting the amplification power of using these two channels in tandem. Ultimately, this tourism board saw a 26% increase in awareness for their state compared to other tourist destinations, boosting their overall position in the competitive tourism market.


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