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A Day in the Life of an On-the-Go Consumer



Aliana Heffernan

Have you ever wondered how digital out-of-home and mobile get from the brand, to a publisher, then ultimately the consumer? We’ve decided to pull back the curtain on how your campaign reaches people on the go – in the real world – from start to finish.

A women's cosmetic brand is launching a new lip stain. Their agency has been running DOOH media through Vistar Media, using the Vistar Curated Audience Segment, “US Market Moms,” to promote the product. This morning, the agency found out they received additional budget to boost the last two weeks of the campaign. Vistar recommends increasing spend on the best performing venue types based on mid-campaign results and adding mobile to retarget consumers exposed to DOOH for the final weeks of the product launch.

That same morning, a digital screen media owner that has a large concentration of screens in an urban area just received the bad news that a DOOH campaign they sold as a ‘direct deal’ to promote an event is being pushed. The event has been rescheduled due to inclement weather and as a result, the advertiser wants to change the campaign flight dates. Realizing they need to fill the now-vacant spots, the media owner decides to tap into the Vistar Ad Exchange for incremental revenue. Now all they need to do is match the right ad, with the right consumer, at the right time.

Alice fits squarely into the “US Market Moms” audience segment. She is a 35-year-old working mother who lives in a busy suburb and commutes thirty minutes to and from work each day. Her day begins at home, in bed…

The Morning Routine

Alice wakes up, checks the weather on her phone and starts to get ready for work. Once she’s gotten dressed, she quickly brushes her hair and does her 10-minute makeup routine – tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, brow gel, a little blush and a peachy lip stain. She eats breakfast while packing up her son’s lunch, says goodbye to her husband and drives her son to school to drop him off. On her way to work, Alice drives by a digital billboard for the cosmetic brand.

At The Office

Arriving at work, Alice takes the elevator up to her office and reads the day’s headlines on the elevator’s screen. She notices an ad for a new lip stain and considers the old one she put on this morning. She gets to her desk and logs into her computer, checking her calendar and email like usual. After a morning of meetings, she takes a break for lunch and puts together a shopping list for any last minute items she’ll need for next week’s work event. By the time 4:30 rolls around, Alice decides to pack up early to beat rush hour traffic on the way to the store.   

Cross-Screen Amplification DOOH Mobile

Errands After Work

Walking up and down the aisles of the big box store, list in hand, she checks off the top few items she needs for the event. Alice opens the store’s app on her phone, just to see what’s on sale or if there are any discounts available. Seeing a mobile ad for the new lip stain gives Alice the nudge she needs to stroll down the cosmetics aisle. She comes across the product and decides to place it in her cart - what better to spruce up her look for the event than a new lip color? Finishing up the last of her shopping, Alice checks out and gets back in the car to go home.

Home At Last

Once at home, it’s time to eat dinner, help her son get ready for bed, and pick a show to watch. Alice winds down for the night, washing her face and putting on some PJs, placing her new lip stain on the counter. Now it’s time for bed!

It was a busy day for everyone: the account manager of the cosmetic client and their sudden influx of cash, the digital billboard media owner and their inventory supply, Alice and her long to-do list, and the Vistar team implementing campaign optimizations on the fly.

With the right tech in place and the right strategies activated, the brand was able to provide a seamless customer experience across DOOH and mobile media. And ultimately, a busy day behind the scenes resulted in a happy “US Market Mom” – ready for her upcoming event, new lip stain in hand.


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