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Decathlon’s successful Crossmedia campaign with DOOH



Mahsa Sabouri

Decathlon, the leading sports retailer, launched an ambitious cross-media campaign during the summer months of 2022 to promote its UV-protective clothing line. The campaign encompassed various channels, including television, radio, digital media, and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, and together with Memo2 they measured the brand effect for this campaign.

Reaching the right audience with Programmatic DOOH

Through strategic utilization of DOOH with advanced targeting and programmatic buying, Decathlon achieved promising results. Research conducted among the THX panel by Memo2 confirms that DOOH had the greatest impact on aided brand awareness.

Decathlon consistently aims to reach the right audience, and in this case, the campaign specifically targeted parents with young children. By employing precise location and time targeting, Decathlon ensured that its DOOH displays were prominently visible at relevant locations. The research affirms that out-of-home (OOH) advertising yielded the highest unique reach within Decathlon’s campaign, validating the effectiveness of strategic DOOH implementation.

DOOH contributes the most to the impact of aided brand awareness. Channels like TV and radio manage to generate movement. However, it is outdoor deployment that achieves the greatest effect on this key performance indicator (KPI).”

Bob Goselink, Online Marketing Specialist at Decathlon, lauds programmatic OOH and its potential for advanced targeting. “For big national campaigns DOOH is a great addition to our media plans. Especially as Decathlon wants to focus more on branding objectives. Therefore, it was great to see that the UV campaign was able to realize an uplift in aided brand awareness. The capabilities of the platform made the “OOH” channel accessible and the results proved that it should be part of multiple big campaigns”.

Measurement in programmatic DOOH: campaign exposure

Memo2 conducted the research by utilizing location data to measure campaign exposure. A comparative analysis was performed between two groups: an exposed group and a non-exposed group. This allowed for an examination of the campaign’s impact on areas such as aided brand awareness, brand consideration, and A-brand status.

Decathlon’s Campaign effectiveness on brand awareness

Decathlon’s cross-media campaign, with a particular focus on DOOH, confirms that DOOH had the greatest impact on brand awareness. Through precise targeting and the strategic use of DOOH, Decathlon effectively targeted parents with young children in relevant locations. This highlights the importance of cross-media strategies and the value of DOOH advertising in driving Decathlon’s brand performance.

Keen to learn more about this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our Regional Lead in BENELUX, Gido Andriessen via email: gandriessen@vistarmedia.com 

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