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Degiro’s Award Winning Data-Driven Programmatic Digital Out Of Home Campaign



Mahsa Sabouri

DEGIRO (globally known as flatexDEGIRO), a prominent Dutch online investment platform, aimed to connect with a specific audience. They utilized programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) advertising, guided by data insights, to achieve remarkable results.

Solution: DEGIRO Leveraged Data for Targeted Reach and Brand Growth

DEGIRO collaborated with JCDecaux to craft an innovative pDOOH campaign. They chose DOOH as the primary channel due to its ability to deliver broad reach. The addition of programmatic capabilities allowed them to integrate data effectively, unleashing a range of possibilities for campaign success.

Working alongside AdSquare, DEGIRO analyzed audience movement patterns within areas where their presence was strong. This data-driven approach enabled them to optimize ad delivery on screens that would garner above-average interest in their product. Time and location played pivotal roles, with real-time screen selection adjustments made to follow the target audience.

Results: Remarkable Success: Data-Driven Programmatic DOOH Advertising

DEGIRO’s pDOOH campaign, guided by a robust data-driven strategy, achieved remarkable success in reaching a challenging target audience. To measure the campaign’s impact, specific cities in the Netherlands were strategically chosen for a more detailed analysis. This approach allowed DEGIRO to closely monitor performance at the city level. Notably, the JCDecaux research revealed a significant 13% increase in brand consideration among exposed audiences compared to non-exposed groups, along with an impressive 8% boost in brand preference.

These metrics are particularly noteworthy as DEGIRO is already a well-established brand in its category in the Netherlands. Together with JCDecaux Netherlands, we conducted thorough creative pre-testing, ensuring that the ad resonated effectively with the audience and optimizing the campaign’s performance.

Almost 60% of respondents could immediately associate the creative with the DEGIRO brand, and nearly 70% could identify the advertised product after viewing the creative. Additionally, DEGIRO experienced substantial improvements in website traffic, with a notable 9% surge, and an 8% increase in search impressions (targeted cities compared to the overall) during the campaign period.

This case study underscores the immense potential of data-driven programmatic Digital Out of Home advertising in achieving precise audience targeting, leading to significant brand growth and increased reach.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or gather ideas for your next DOOH campaign? Get in touch with Bart, our Regional Lead in Nordic, via email bboogaard@vistarmedia.com

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