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Device id passback retargeting DOOH Mobile CTV Vistar

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Don’t Sleep on Device ID Passback for Digital Out-of-Home

Device id passback retargeting DOOH Mobile CTV Vistar

While digital out-of-home (DOOH) is generally thought of for achieving upper-funnel metrics, the medium can in fact make a great impact on your lower-funnel KPIs. Vistar’s device ID passback solution allows brands to reach consumers on high-impact DOOH screens, and then re-engage those exposed individuals across other channels or conduct further in-house measurement. 

Why Device ID Passback?

Through our device ID passback offering, Vistar can identify the device IDs exposed to your DOOH campaign and pass them back to you for further action.

Targeting: Retarget consumers exposed to your DOOH campaign across other channels, including mobile, display, CTV, social, streaming audio, etc., through Vistar or the DSP of your choice. 

>DOOH you know, you can retarget consumers who have already seen your out-of-home ads on their CTV devices?

Measurement: Conduct further measurement of your DOOH campaign, either in-house or through your preferred measurement provider. 

>See how a leading technology company generated a 54% increase in awareness and used device ID passback for further retargeting and in-house measurement.

How It Works:

  1. Vistar partners with GPS providers to collect device ID data, then matches it with our ad logs to identify the devices that were near a screen at the exact time your ad was served.

  2. We then process and anonymize this data with the highest standards of privacy compliance, making the device IDs safely available for your retargeting or measurement efforts.

  3. Vistar will pass the exposed device IDs to your selected endpoint (S3 bucket, DSP, measurement provider, etc.) on a regular cadence that supports your use case and endpoint.


The team at Vistar Media has a wealth of experience and can walk you through everything you need to know to start leveraging device ID passback. Reach out today for more information.

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