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Digital Out-of-Home Snapshot: Point of Purchase Screens



Aliana Heffernan


Digital out-of-home media is everywhere - it can be found in virtually every location consumers visit outside the home, appearing in all shapes and sizes. As a marketing channel, digital out-of-home encompasses place-based, point-of-purchase and large format signage. To provide you with a deeper understanding of what makes digital out-of-home such a remarkable medium, we’re taking a closer look at the main types in our new series: Digital Out-of-Home Snapshot. 

In a recent study released by Popspots, researchers found, “More than 1 in 3 [consumers] report that they are more influenced to purchase at checkout than anywhere else in the store.” Fortunately, digital out-of-home is increasingly becoming available in this valuable advertising real estate. 

So what are Point-of-Purchase Screens?

Point-of-purchase screens fall within the broader term, place-based media. However, point-of-purchase digital signage exists inside of stores, in locations such as big box retailers, casual dining and quick service restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Networks that offer point-of-purchase screens include KeyMe, NRS DOOH Media, iTell.io, Chive TV, Impax Media, Pursuant Health, Popspots, BevTV and more.  

It is this strategically placed form of digital signage that offers marketers the opportunity to engage shoppers and influence purchasing decisions while they’re in-store.

Imagine you’re planning a campaign for a candy bar brand that wants to target convenience store shoppers. By leveraging point-of-purchase screens in those very stores, your brand will be able to reach in-market consumers, when and where it can make the most impact - influencing them to reach down and grab a bar from the display at the checkout counter. 

When it comes to leveraging point-of-purchase screens, the potential ROI is even greater for on-the-go and last minute purchasing decisions. Products like beer and cold medicine are typically purchased with little planning, so it’s important for these brands to remain top of mind among consumers. And where better to do that than where those items are sold? 

In the moments before shoppers buy a product, point-of-purchase screens provide brands with a final chance to sway their opinions and decision making. By integrating a well-placed ad into the retail setting, marketers can reach their target audience and drive campaign results.  

To learn more, check out this case study for a major beer brand that leveraged digital out-of-home to reach convenience store shoppers:


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