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The Future is Now: DOOH Takes Center Stage in 2024



Lucy Markowitz


Remember the days when billboards were the only game in town for out-of-home advertising? Well, it's time to update your marketing playbook because digital out-of-home (DOOH) is taking the world by storm, and 2024 promises to be its most explosive year yet.

This blog is an excerpt from the special edition report, The 2024 Advertiser’s Playbook for DOOH


Why the Hype Around DOOH?

Think beyond static posters. DOOH is transforming the industry like never before. It's dynamic, interactive, targeted and measurable making the medium more accessible to brands through programmatic buying. This isn't just about awareness anymore — DOOH is seamlessly integration into the omnichannel mix, creating an immersive experience that connects the physical and digital worlds.



Hot Trends to Watch:

  • Retail Media Networks: Get ready for DOOH to become the star player in retail media networks. Imagine your brand grabbing consumer attention on screens in stores, influencing purchase decisions at the crucial point of sale.

  • Omnichannel Strategies: DOOH is no longer a siloed channel. Programmatic buying makes it easy to weave DOOH into seamless omnichannel campaigns, amplifying your reach and engagement across touchpoints.

  • Expanding Creative Horizons: Say goodbye to boring ads. DOOH opens doors to mind-blowing creativity. Think dynamic, anamorphic, and 3D that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.



Tips for DOOH Success:

  • Embrace Innovation: Don't be afraid to experiment with new formats and technologies. Remember, the possibilities are endless!

  • Data is Your Friend: Leverage the power of data to target your audience with precision and measure campaign performance like a pro.

  • Think Holistically: Don't treat DOOH as an island. Integrate it seamlessly with your broader marketing strategy for maximum impact.


Introducing the 2024 Advertiser's Playbook for DOOH

Dive deeper into the world of DOOH with our comprehensive report. You'll find inspirational campaign examples from Pepsi, Jack in the Box, Target and DoorDash, industry insights and top tips for maximizing the potential of this dynamic medium.

The future of marketing is here, and it's creative, targeted and programmatic. Are you ready to optimize your next DOOH campaign?


Download The Advertiser's Playbook for DOOH today and start planning your next campaign!


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