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Behavioral audiences built for the real-world



Aliana Heffernan

Vistar Media recently published a new comprehensive guide to audience and targeting strategies for digital out-of-home. 

Data shows us that people tend to follow similar routines from day to day — visiting the same places, taking the same routes, at nearly the same times. If you think about it, your behavior in the physical world indicates a lot about our interests, preferences and characteristics.

Not virtual reality, just reality

In the digital advertising world, brands target audiences based on one or more behaviors they've taken online — such as visiting a specific website or adding a particular item to a digital shopping cart. 

Comparatively, when it comes to digital out-of-home, Vistar can build persona-based audiences based on the locations people visit. Vistar's technology uses GPS location data to understand where people go — further analyzing consumer movement patterns in order to activate media at the right times and places.


How do behavioral audiences work? 

  1. Fit the profile: In order to find consumers, Vistar identifies people who frequently visited comic stores, big comic events, gaming shops and movie theaters. By defining this persona as somebody who frequents these specific locations, we can now start building our audience pool as individuals visit these places — analyzing where ELSE they move throughout the day.
  2. Pool the audience in aggregate: When we look at our audience pool in aggregate, similar behaviors and movement patterns emerge. We use these to build audience heatmaps, which display how the selected audience moves throughout the day.
  3. Let programmatic tech work its magic: Vistar's programmatic technology will then analyze the specific times and areas the desired audience has the highest propensity to be — further identifying all of the DOOH screens that fall into the locations and times determined by the audience affinity analysis.
  4. When there is availability on those particular screens, Vistar will then programmatically bid on the inventory that fits the desired criteria and serve an ad.


Vistar Media's curated audience segments

In addition to custom behavioral audiences, Vistar offers a wide variety of curated segments preloaded in our DSP — available for our self-service clients to readily activate. A few examples of our curated audiences include:

  • Gym Goers
  • Business Travelers
  • Luxury Shoppers
  • Sports Enthusiasts

With Vistar, marketers have the unique opportunity to create a custom audience around specific persona-based behaviors or leverage Vistar’s existing curated audience segments.  DOOH provides unique access to the right consumers, at the right times, as they move throughout their daily routines. 

To learn more about behavioral audiences as well as how different clients have seen success in their campaigns, download our new Audience & Targeting Playbook.


Download the guide!

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