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Corner Media Urban Panel


Media Owner Spotlight: Corner Media

Corner Media Urban Panel

Corner Media is a digital out-of-home advertising company that connects audiences in local communities with innovative digital screens to engage consumers in their daily routines. Vistar Media interviewed Thomas M. Farasy, President & COO of Corner Media, to talk about his company, how they position themselves in the DOOH space, and their partnership with Vistar Media.

Could you describe your network in a few sentences?

Corner Media develops out-of-home advertising inventory by installing and managing outdoor digital screens at premier real estate locations with high foot traffic. This strategic implementation allows for Corner Media to engage with the right consumers, at the right time and location.

What types of screens do you have and where can they be found?

Corner Media offers a large inventory of urban panels. These screens are mainly in an outdoor context at pedestrian eye level—a prime location for enhanced audience impressions and engagement.

What regions do you operate in?

Corner Media operates in areas across the United States with screens in a number of cities, states, and regions including Boston, California, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. This quarter, Corner Media announced they will now also be offering digital inventory in Texas as well.

What sets your network apart from other digital channels?

Corner Media is hyper-focused on incorporating digital screens into our inventory network at retail venues that align with the audience we look to engage buyers with. We are strategic in adding screens located at luxury retail venues to ensure we are targeting a high-income part of the market.

How has your foot traffic and customer set changed since the onset of the pandemic?

It is important for buyers to be aware that at 90% or more of Corner Media’s venues there are essential services. Throughout the pandemic, foot traffic dramatically increased at locations where Corner Media screens can be found, while for many competitors, it did the opposite. The placement of our screens became a heightened competitive advantage during the pandemic.

Why did you choose Vistar as a partner? What benefits have you been able to leverage by working with Vistar during these challenging times?

As the leading DOOH programmatic platform, Vistar Media offers a broad outreach to media branding campaigns— outreach that Corner Media would not have without our partnership with Vistar. With Vistar Media’s dynamic software, Corner Media has generated significant revenue from national campaigns.


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