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Top 4 DOOH Holiday Marketing Strategies for Retailers



Skylar Spencer

It’s never too early to start talking holiday. Although the holiday season brings plenty of cheer, it poses its fair share of challenges when it comes to retail marketers capturing the attention (and wallets) of consumers, ultimately driving them in-stores and away from competitors.

However, programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) offers retailers a unique opportunity to reach consumers at the right place and time, while offering dynamic creative capabilities to ensure their message is breaking through the cluttered holiday noise.

Here are four DOOH marketing strategies retailers should consider this holiday season:

  1. Point of Interest (POI) Targeting: Surround desired POIs – such as specific shopper centers or competitors’ locations – by activating DOOH media within a specific radius to keep top-of-mind and drive consumers in-stores.

  2. Dynamic Creative Messaging: DOOH presents the perfect canvas for retailers to deploy ever-changing creative based on contextually relevant situations or use data-informed messaging, from detailing the nearest store location to holiday countdowns, and even localized sales & promotions that may change on the fly.

  3. High-Value Audience Targeting: Depending on the type of customer you’re trying to engage, retail marketers can target specific audience groups in the physical world, based on previous purchase behavior or core demographics like income levels, luxury vs. budget shoppers, holiday entertainers and more. Programmatic technology uses data-driven decisioning to only activate your ads when and where your audience is most likely to be throughout the day. 

  4. DOOH Paired with Mobile: Retailers can pair DOOH with mobile media to re-engage consumers exposed to the DOOH campaign on their mobile devices. This allows brands to amplify campaign impact or drive them towards a more specific call-to-action, ensuring your messaging remains top-of-mind and actionable throughout a consumer’s busy day.

In the process of solidifying holiday media buying and creative plans? Our team of DOOH experts is available to answer your questions about Vistar Media's programmatic OOH solutions. Reach out to us today!

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