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Media Owner Spotlight: Dolphin Digital



Julia Lombardo

Vistar Media interviewed Josey George, President & CEO of Dolphin Digital OOH, a leading digital out-of-home (OOH) media company, to learn more about his firm and its success in the OOH advertising space.

Could you describe your network in a few sentences?

Dolphin Digital OOH places its artificial intelligence (AI) powered, high-brightness digital screens in premium grocery and convenience stores to create an ad network powered by viewer analytics and GEOPATH Auditing.

Dolphin's value proposition is its unique ability to provide clients with reach and frequency. The media network we've developed can connect brands with unique customers repeatedly at different points in their path to purchase in order to create brand awareness and saliency.

What types of screens do you have and where can they be found?

Dolphin Digital OOH media offers a variety of assets including:

  • Convenience Store Screens
  • Grocery Store Register and Check-Out Screens
  • ATM Screen-Tops
  • Window Display Screens at Store Entrances

What regions do you operate in?

Dolphin Digital OOH operates throughout the United States with screens in a number of cities and regions such as New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, and Columbus to name a few.

What sets your network apart from other digital channels?

Dolphin Digital OOH convenience store displays are placed strategically to promote brands’ advertisements. With checkout counter screens close to eye level, we enhance the impact and influence of advertisements at the point of purchase.

In addition, our network of inventory utilizes QR code-powered interactivity to elevate consumer experience and interaction. A vast portfolio of digital screens—whether it be convenience store and grocery screens or billboards—offers companies the unique opportunity to reach consumers in different settings and scale their ads in retail spaces.

What do you wish more digital buyers knew about out-of-home?

Brands can utilize our OOH inventory to develop interactive advertisements on screen. Displays on our screens can feature unique calls to action, such as digital coupons or deals with QR code or short code texting, that heightens the consumers’ experience with the advertisement.

Why did you choose Vistar as a partner? What benefits have you been able to leverage by working with Vistar during these challenging times?

As the top-performing DOOH programmatic platform, Vistar Media was the perfect compliment to our OOH business and inventory. With Vistar Media’s ability to offer a wide array of demand partners, we’ve been able to help fill local ads to correspond with the inventory that is available.


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