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Digital Out-of-Home Strategies for Personal Care Marketers



Aliana Heffernan

Between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, today’s retail landscape is highly fragmented. With so many options to choose from, it should come at no surprise that shoppers are frequently looking for new consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and products to purchase. In fact, according to Vistar’s latest report with MFour, nearly half of all consumers have recently tried a new personal care item.  

So what is a personal care brand to do when faced with breaking through the competition and engaging consumers in this crowded marketplace?

Consider digital out-of-home and mobile media.

While display can reach online shoppers and TV can reach a broad audience, DOOH and mobile are the only channels that can reach consumers while they’re on the go – on the path-to-purchase and at the point-of-purchase.

When you’re at a big box retailer looking for a new body wash, are you more likely to think about the product you saw advertised online yesterday, or the product you saw on a digital screen as you were driving and walking to the store? The serial-position effect indicates that people are more likely to recall things they more recently encountered. Compound this with the potential to expose your target audience across multiple venue types, and even across screen types – executing DOOH and mobile together – and brands can dramatically increase the likelihood of being top-of-mind with consumers. 

Further, the intimate nature of personal care products drives the need for people to trust that what they’re buying will not be harmful to their bodies. The report showed that 50% of consumers genuinely believe the messaging they see in out-of-home ads, outranking every other advertising format. All things considered, your CPG brand can’t afford to exclude DOOH and mobile from its marketing mix! Take this personal care brand's case study, for example, which used Vistar's technology to drive a 10% lift in product sales.

If you’re a marketer for a personal care brand, download our full report, “Capitalizing on CPG: Insights for Marketers,” to gain insights on consumer shopping habits and learn innovative strategies for your next campaign:


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