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From billboards to blockbusters: 7 crucial DOOH tactics for entertainment marketers



Marissa Bernstein

From blockbuster movie premieres and hyped-up music festivals to the latest streaming shows and big-time sporting events, modern consumers are constantly bombarded with more media and entertainment options to choose from than ever before. 

Thankfully, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising provides an incredibly powerful way to stand out amongst the noise of a crowded entertainment market. This powerful channel enables you to create highly impactful ads that grab viewers’ attention and generate tremendous buzz for your upcoming events, releases, movie & TV premieres, festivals and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven key ways you can utilize DOOH to reach your audience at ideal moments and dazzle them with engaging creative to influence their entertainment choices.

  1. Reach entertainment audiences throughout the day

    With hundreds of thousands of screens available in the U.S. alone, the vast scale of DOOH inventory available enables you to effectively reach consumers in the physical world to stay top-of-mind and sway their opinions. Large format screens (think screens in Times Square, street displays and highway billboards) are perfect if you’re looking to build massive awareness and reach consumers for broadly appealing entertainment options. 

    On the other hand, place-based screens (in malls, cinemas, bars & restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) provide a tremendous variety of screens and environments in which to show your ads. This variety allows you to engage with your audience wherever they go throughout the day and even match the content of your offering to the venue type in which your ad will appear. 

    For example, if you’re promoting the latest UFC match-up on a sports network, you could activate DOOH screens in bars, restaurants and fitness centers to capture the attention of an adult, sports enthusiast audience.

    A DOOH bar screen shows a UFC ad

  2. Surround entertainment-focused locations

    Using point-of-interest (POI) targeting through a DOOH demand-side platform (DSP), you can deploy DOOH media within close proximity to specific locations your audience is most likely to visit. This allows you to surround key locations with your brand messaging and extend the reach of your DOOH campaigns while significantly increasing the likelihood that your ideal customers will see your ads.  

    For instance, if your video game company needs to reach an audience of gaming enthusiasts to generate interest and excitement for an upcoming title release, you could strategically target screens surrounding convention centers hosting gaming, comic or anime events.

  3. Tell engaging stories with animated & video capabilities  

    Including video or animated elements within your DOOH ads is a highly effective way to grab viewers’ attention, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on your audience. If you’re looking to launch a video DOOH campaign, repurposing existing movie or TV show trailers into 15, 30 or even 60-second video creatives is a simple yet effective way to quickly turn around a campaign that enthralls viewers and tells a story. 

    Alternatively, if your brand needs to make an impact without building out a full video asset, simply incorporating subtle animation into your creative can make your DOOH ads pop against a stationary background. Finally, if you want to take your animations to the next level, adding 3D or anamorphic elements to your DOOH creative allows you to deliver immersive experiences that pull audiences in and hold their attention. 

  4. Launch quick, high-impact activations

    For those times when you need to maximize visibility, boost your brand image and capture consumer attention at scale, launching a splashy, short-burst campaign allows you to dominate the share of voice in the days leading up to a premiere, release or event. Activating high-impact DOOH screens in locations with large volumes of foot traffic is a powerful way to quickly build a commanding presence throughout a city with your message.

    For example, to cause a stir and generate excitement for an upcoming premiere, you could launch an all-out DOOH blitz in the days immediately leading up to the release date — creating an unmissable visual experience for viewers.

  5. Drive home relevance with dynamic creative

    Dynamic creative pulls in live data feeds to change specific creative elements in real time. This new capability enables you to drive home relevance, create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate audience response with every single ad play. By leveraging dynamic creative, you can incorporate real-time features into your ads such as: 

    • Countdowns to the start of a game, show or event.

    • Ticket sales or tickets remaining.

    • Distance to the nearest store or event location.

    • Curated social media posts from excited fans.

    A DOOH screen shows a dynamic ad with a coundown

  6. Promote ticket sales and in-person events

    Whether you’re looking to drive attendance for an upcoming festival or generate ticket sales for the new hit Broadway show, DOOH provides the perfect canvas to generate massive reach while maintaining an engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Additionally, the precision targeting available through DOOH offers ample opportunity to create highly personalized messages that reach your audience near relevant locations like event spaces, concert venues or on Broadway itself to encourage ticket sales while entertainment is top of mind. 

  7. Measure the impact of your DOOH campaigns

    From awareness and consideration to ticket sales and tune-in intent, the robust measurement capabilities of DOOH provide valuable insights into the real-world impact of your campaigns. 

    Leveraging a brand study allows you to measure the impact of your DOOH campaign on top-to-mid-funnel metrics such as audience awareness, favorability, consumer attitudes, consideration, tune-in intent, message recall, competitive preference, etc. 

    You can also utilize an online conversion study to evaluate the effectiveness of DOOH across a variety of online KPIs after campaign exposure, including web conversions, digital ticket sales, app downloads and more. 

    “The ease with which we were able to measure the entire DOOH campaign in one place allowed us to really lean into the benefits of DOOH, execute an impactful campaign and ultimately assess the media’s impact on real-world attitudes and behaviors.” — Melissa Christensen, Group Director at Rapport LA, FOX

    A DOOH screen shows a TV show ad

Roll out the red carpet with DOOH

Amidst the constant battle for consumer attention, DOOH advertising provides a highly effective way to spark viewers’ curiosity and build excitement for events, premieres, releases and more. 

The wide variety of screens and venue types available, alongside advanced data and dynamic creative capabilities, offers an unparalleled opportunity to drive home relevance, create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate audience response.

By combining the numerous benefits of DOOH with the fun and exciting nature of the entertainment industry, you’ll be perfectly positioned to dazzle your audience with stunning visuals and deliver relevant messages that influence consumers’ entertainment choices — turning every DOOH screen into the “big screen.”

If you’d like to learn more about how DOOH can take your marketing campaign to the next level, reach out today.

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