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Get Physical: Digital OOH Strategies for Health & Fitness Marketing



Aliana Heffernan

It’s the New Year, which means brands are hot off the holiday season push and ready to explore fresh marketing opportunities. Given consumers’ proclivity to make resolutions around health, wellness and fitness, now is the time to capitalize on this heightened interest. Whether you need to execute a campaign for athletic apparel, wearable tech, fitness equipment, dietary services, meal prep subscriptions, or gym memberships -  there are so many brands that can benefit from audience targeting at contextual venues with digital out-of-home.

Since we already know, “Advertisers and agencies have taken note and will continue to include OOH in more media plans,” according to Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO, OAAA, let’s explore what makes out-of-home the perfect media buy for your health, wellness and fitness campaigns.

The Right Audience, When & Where You Need Them

Digital out-of-home is increasingly used by marketers because of the power it has to reach audiences, throughout the consumer journey, at multiple touch points throughout the day. Through Vistar Media’s geospatial technology, we are able to create audience profiles and activate DOOH media based on consumers’ movement patterns.

Vistar’s Audiences

With Vistar’s Audiences, brands are able to reach consumers who are jump-starting their New Year with health-oriented resolutions – when and where they are most likely to be in the real-world. These audiences are based on places that consumers visit frequently, indicating certain behaviors or interests.

Examples include:

  • Gym Goers

  • Juicers

  • Health-Conscious Consumers

  • Gym and Fitness Boutique Visitors

  • Caffeinated Go-Getters

...just to name a few!

A SUCCESS STORY: Check out how Timberland leveraged Vistar's unique solutions to define a custom audience, leverage movement pattern insights and activate a high-impact digital out-of-home campaign targeting Outdoor Lifestylers.

Third Party Data

Vistar has teamed up with a select group of data partners to be able to offer our clients an even more robust solution to meet their campaign goals.

Pushspring, the mobile audience platform, provides Vistar with anonymized, aggregate device ID-level data from consumers who have downloaded health and fitness tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal and Weight Watchers, as well as membership apps for places like SoulCycle and Equinox. This data then allows Vistar to target consumers based on their actual mobile app interests and behaviors.

Consider… a gym chain trying to gain market share with an enrollment campaign.

By leveraging the combined power of Vistar’s geospatial technology and Pushspring’s mobile app data, the gym could target a competitive audience with DOOH, as they go about their daily routine.

The LiveRamp Data Store also has a huge variety of data available across many demographic and interest-based segments.

First Party Data

LiveRamp, our consumer data onboarding partner, allows Vistar to work with brands who want to use their customer data and activate these audiences in the real-world, while ensuring the highest level of privacy compliance.  

A SUCCESS STORY: Learn how REI was able to reach loyal and potential new customers with Vistar by passing their first-party audience segment to LiveRamp for identity-safe anonymized targeting.

Location, Location, Location!

In addition to audience targeting strategies, location-based strategies are a critical component to many DOOH campaigns. Vistar’s inventory spans a number of venue types including gyms, doctor’s offices, and pharmacy-facing kiosks, via Pursuant Health.

When you think about how health, wellness and fitness brands want to target consumers, they often want to select DOOH screens in close proximity to their brand’s locations or locations where their brand is sold. And that can be a great start! However, targeting that same consumer while they’re at the gym, visiting a nutritionist, or picking up vitamins at a big box store will have an even greater impact. Not to mention, reminding them of their resolutions while they are commuting, on the elevator at work...you get the picture.

Ultimately, contextual environments are proven to help drive lift of brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and sales. Shouldn’t you resolve to put DOOH to work for your brand?

Ready to learn how you can use digital out-of-home for your health, wellness and fitness marketing initiatives?


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