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Gall & Gall uses weather forecasting for DOOH campaign



Mahsa Sabouri

Gall & Gall claims summer and uses the weather forecast to activate a Digital Out of Home campaign to become top of mind when planning for those enjoyable summer activities.

Sunny weather conditions activate the ads in order to encourage future consumers to enjoy their summer plans with Gall&Gall.

DOOH touches consumers during summer

Gall & Gall, the biggest liquor retailer in The Netherlands, wants to be present during the ultimate summer occasions. Think of going to the beach with friends, going camping with the family, or having drinks at the park. 

To “claim” summer, Gall & Gall launches a cross-media campaign with a fitting slogan for any of these summer occasions: Enjoy your summer with Gall & Gall (or, in Dutch: Geniet van je zomer met Gall & Gall). Digital Out of Home was part of the cross-media campaign, which was split into two flights: an awareness flight and a contextual flight.

Gall & Gall raises brand awareness with store targeting on Digital Out of Home

The awareness flight ran for two weeks, focused on generating as much reach as possible for its campaign theme: Enjoy your summer with Gall & Gall. It targeted digital screens around Gall & Gall stores throughout the country, which would display the hero creative with its slogan.

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Gall & Gall implements weather forecast targeting for contextual Digital Out of Home

After these two weeks, the contextual flight started: during this flight, specific ads were activated based on certain weather conditions relevant to the content for that ad. Rather than only triggering the campaign at the very right moment when the temperature hits a certain degrees Celsius, Gall & Gall wanted to be ahead of this. With the idea that consumers start planning for summer occasions (barbecues, beach days, etc.) as soon as good weather is on the radar, the liquor brand wants to reach audiences at those moments of planning. 

For example, in order to be present in the days before the perfect time for a barbecue in the garden with a promotion for the best barbecue wine. First, the ideal barbecue weather forecast was defined. Then, knowing that not all people have access to a private garden, it was combined with location targeting including postal codes where most people have access to a (private) garden. To show a relevant message to those that don’t, another condition was set up: the ideal weather type to enjoy a day and evening in the park, targeting screens only in big cities, displaying a relevant ad fitting their situation: a promotion for the bag-in-box wine, the easy to bring wine solution to enjoy with a friend in the park.


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