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HOKA's 76% uplift in brand awareness with programmatic DOOH



Mahsa Sabouri

Digital agency Jellyfish and HOKA launched a cross-media DOOH and mobile campaign to promote their Kawana trainer in Germany, targeted at fitness enthusiasts, and in partnership with Walldecaux to conduct brand awareness research.

Creating brand engagement with DOOH

HOKA is a challenger brand, new to the German market, offering premium trainers for running enthusiasts. Jellyfish had a young, urban audience target for this campaign, and focused on Berlin and Munich to reach and engage with them. The campaign only activated during peak footfall in those cities between 11am and 9pm. The research was key in demonstrating the effectiveness of the medium for them.

Campaign effectiveness on brand awareness

Walldecaux ran a study throughout the campaign to demonstrate and quantify the brand uplift. They defined control and test environments, and conducted online studies. This enabled them to monitor the difference of when the campaign had or had not been seen, analysing brand awareness and recognition, the impact and engagement with the creative.

As a result, the campaign demonstrated a 76% uplift in brand awareness amongst respondents that had seen the campaign, and 25% stated that they had an immediate interest in the Kawana product, delivering a memorable creative message.

HOKA continues to invest in programmatic DOOH as they build their brand across Europe as a result of this success.

Keen to learn more?

About this campaign or DOOH opportunities overall? Feel free to contact our DACH Business Development director, Aylin Demiral at ademiral@vistarmedia.com


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