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Make the Most of Your Holiday Campaigns with Programmatic Out-of-Home



Aliana Heffernan

During last year’s holiday season – the two month span from November 1st through December 31st – consumers spent $707.5 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. Additionally, consumers reported that they had planned to spend an average of $1,007 for items such as holiday decorations, candy and gifts, for themselves and their families. 

As the 2019 holiday season approaches, much like 2018, experts forecast that Amazon and other e-commerce retailers will have a major stronghold on consumer dollars – pushing brands that are more dependent on brick-and-mortar sales to develop innovative omnichannel marketing strategies. 

In order to capture your audience’s attention during this busy time of year, it’s important to identify who you’re selling to and where you can most effectively reach and convert them. While other digital channels struggle to combat ad blocking, brand safety and low engagement, digital out-of-home benefits from contextually relevant environments and less competition for your audience’s attention – in short, DOOH isn’t another ad on a page and enables you to cut through the media clutter.

To dive deeper, we’ve collected a few tips for how to improve your holiday campaigns with programmatic DOOH media.

Take An Audience-First Approach

Programmatic technology allows marketers to seamlessly use their existing audience strategies into digital out-of-home, while more efficiently engaging consumers in the physical world. With DOOH, extend your holiday campaigns across multiple venue types to reach your target audience as they move from place to place. 

For example, are you looking to reach moms shopping for their children?

Some key holiday audiences are: 

  • Holiday Shoppers
  • Parents
  • U.S. Market Moms
  • Big Box Retail Shoppers
  • Families with Teens

… and more!

Through Vistar’s Audiences, marketers gain access to our proprietary targeting solution, which uses frequently visited locations to determine likely interests and behaviors. As a 1-to-many medium, out-of-home ensures marketers are able to reach large groups of people, in the places and spaces they visit most. Vistar’s Audiences leverage GPS data – the best source available for high quality, non-PII (personally identifiable information) data at an aggregate level – and analyze consumers’ movement patterns.

Be Where You Need To Be This Holiday Season

Leveraging a location-based strategy is another important approach that can help you create a successful digital out-of-home campaign.

For example, are you trying to reach consumers shopping for toys for kids in elementary school?

An immediate response to this question could be: activate DOOH screens in proximity to stores where your brands’ toys are sold. However, you can take this one step further and reach the same target consumers while they’re dropping off their children for school, on their way to and from work, and while they’re visiting shopping centers in preparation for the holidays. By engaging consumers in contextual venues and increasing the likelihood of repeated exposure, such as elevators in office buildings and kiosks in malls, you’re able to further amplify the impact of your campaign.

In fact, Vistar’s campaigns have proven that activating DOOH in contextual environments can help drive lift across major KPIs including brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and sales.

Ready to speak with a Vistar representative and plan your holiday campaign? 

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