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Ad Serving 102: How An Ad Server Can Streamline Operations



Eric Lamb

In DOOH, media owners are just beginning to understand how using an ad server can be a helpful tool to manage their campaigns and streamline operations.

We’ve shared how ad serving works in both a pre-scheduled campaign and a real-time campaign. For a small, simple network, having a schedule in advance can be really nice. However, the rigidity of the schedule can lead to problems as your network gets larger and more complicated. 

In speaking with media owners we know that many have large teams of people who spend hours doing the following:

1. Using spreadsheets or “charts” to figure out where they have available inventory

2. Converting campaign terms into “schedules"

3. Pulling reports to figure out if campaigns are delivering as expected

4. Manually re-arranging schedules if a campaign is under delivering (e.g. adding spots to the loop)

5. Manually re-arranging schedules if they need to make room for a high-value advertiser (e.g. a 2-hour takeover)

6. Manually managing connections to programmatic opportunities

With an ad server, most of this goes away. Instead:

1. Your team enters campaign targets, and the ad server will determine if you have enough available inventory automatically. There is no separate scheduling step. You simply upload creative and activate. 

2. An ad server tells you how campaigns are delivering, highlighting any problems so you don’t have to search for them.

3. An ad server automatically speeds up delivery if a campaign is behind, or allocates more delivery to screens with more space. This is especially valuable for keeping your campaigns on track when screens on your network go down.

4. An ad server can automatically reallocate delivery if you need to make room for a high-value customer (no need to reschedule the other campaigns).

5. An ad server automatically prioritizes programmatic to help you fill in your unsold inventory.

Vistar’s ad serving solution enables you to maximize yield on your assets and streamline your operations instead of wasting time finding and resolving delivery issues.

Our team of programmatic experts are available to provide you with a demo of Vistar’s ad serving solution.

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